Jungle Cross Training Clinic

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In August we are taking a break from racing and organising a training day for everyone who wants to improve their MTB and Cyclocross skills. The morning will feature some of Singapore's best coaches taking each group through the Jungle Cross course and demonstrating how to safely and most efficiently navigate both the climbs and descents of the course. Each participant will gain valuable insight from the coaches as to how best to ride and to manage the course. This is very much a hands on course where each participant can learn and practice each section of the course.



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Coach Background 

Take Control of Your Races


Take Control

In conjunction with some of the best mtb and cyclocross riders and coaches in Singapore, Cycosports is taking a “time-out” from racing to provide a skills clinic for the off-road community.

Have you ever wondered how riders consistently stand on the podium? How they negotiate corners, tree roots, gravel, rocks and logs? How they maintain their pace and line on hills climbs? How they keep their centre of gravity in descents and make it look so easy?

Here’s your opportunity to take a morning out and get expert advice and hands on training to improve your bike handling skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the skills clinic is a great opportunity improve your riding skills and take control of your races.


Clinic Groups


The idea of the training sessions is to split into a number of groups, assigning coaches to specialise on particular. Final groups and numbers will be determined by the level of sign up.

Proposed groups at this stage are:

1) Beginners MTB

2) Experienced MTB (looking for the edge)

3) Ladies MTB (if we have 5 or more ladies sign up)*

4) Cyclocross

* We are currently looking for an experienced female MTB rider who can assist in the coaching


About the CoachesCoach Background

Cycosports Training Day


For the coaching sessions, various aspects of the course will be utilised to help in the coaching of specific activities. There will also be time after the 2 hr training sessions for individual participants to ride the entire course and fine tune their skills.

General Bike Skills

Jungle Cross General Skills

Climbing Skills

Jungle Cross Ascending

Descending Skills

MTB Decsending



8:00am  - Registration

All participants will sign in for the course, then proceed to their chosen groups. This is a good time to meet the other participants and chat with the coaches.

8:15 - Coach Briefing

All coach will take their group off for a short briefing of the morning's activities and ensure all participants are comfortable with the program.

8:30 - 10:30 - Coaching

Each group will rotate through a series of defined course drills with their coaches. In each case the idea is for the coaches to define the theory, demonstrate the actual and then have the participants go through the drills to build their confidence and skills in the particular area.

10:30 - 11:30 - Free Flow

The idea is individuals can practice the course with coaches present at key junctions.

12:00  - Session Over



What's the Jungle Cross All About?

Take a look at a snippet of the 2016 course in action