Nongsa Challenge 2017

Availability: Registration Opening Soon


Mark the date! The Nongsa Challenge 2017 is back! The race route is yet to be confirmed, pending ferry options. As soon as this is finalised we will open the race for registration. For sure the race will have multiple laps of the Nongsa Circuit and be as challenging as years gone by.



Event Details

27 August 2017




Cycosports is back to Nongsa, a tried and tested race route that Cycosports launched in 2014. It's sure to challenge even the fittest and is a great precursor to upcoming races in the region. This Nongsa circuit is a 12km loop with each loop having 175m of climbing.

We are still looking at ferry options and hope to have this announced soon.

The race will be timed, laps counted electronically, there will be full mechanical support, water and electrolytes and Singapore medics on hand with medivac procedures in place for emergency medical cases.

The race fee including lunch is $165. The return ferry and bicycle transfer fee is $65.


Nongsa King of the Mountain - KOM

Each lap will have KOM points for the top 10 riders. The final double point KOM for each Peloton will be the final 1km sprint to Turi Beach. The final Turi Beach KOM will be awarded double points and concludes the KOM calculations for the day.

Once you've recovered from the final climb, we'll direct you to the sumptuous lunch buffet where you can relax with fellow riders, have a beer and unwind. Prize giving will follow shortly after. While your relaxing your bike will be carefully loaded onto a truck and transported back to the return ferry.




Race Route Details

Final race route will be finalised as soon as the ferry options are finalised.


Sunday 27th August 2017

Event Day Details will be updated as soon as the ferry options are confirmed.



Turi Beach Resort

Turi Beach HotelSet amid 7.7 hectares of beautiful green landscaping in a tranquil tropical village, Turi Beach Resort features Modern - Minimalist accommodation in Tirta wing and Riau – Balinese in Riani wing.

All 140 rooms and suites are facing the sea being well spread over the beach front and the hillside.

Turi Beach Resort is an idyllic family retreat in the tropical Riau Islands amidst the unspoilt beauty and fine beaches. Why not bring the whole family over to enjoy the weekend and experience the hospitality of Turi Beach and get the chance to support you in your racing endeavours.


Please note that Hotel Stays are completely optional.




As soon as ferry details are confirmed, this page will be updated.



Details of prizes will be confirmed shortly.


These are some of the frequently asked questions:

Nongsa Challenge  - Pre Race 

(Q) What type of bike can I use?
(A) For the race categories we follow the UCI standard for road race bikes. We do however allow disc-brake wheels but there is no race support for these. 


(Q) How Big Can My Race Team Be?
(A) In the spirit of competitive racing, we limit the team size to 8. You can submit one or more teams per category. For example, if you had 10 riders, you could submit a team of say 6 and 4. These would be classed as Team A and Team B within the category and from the perspective of points for the team trophies.  


(Q) What is the Refund Policy on Your Events?
(A) Please see our refund policy here


(Q) What if there is Haze?
(A) In the event of Haze or other weather conditions that could cause cancellation, please see our policy.


(Q) How will I be Briefed on the Race?
(A) Cycosports publishes a Race Briefing Document approximately 10 days before the event. Please check the race details on the website for updates. It will also be announced on Facebook.


Tour de Barelang - The Race

(Q) Will there be motorbike support for water?
(A) Yes for the race - drop to the back of the peloton, give your empty bottle to the rider in exchange for a full bottle. We will also have roaming bikes cover the circuit and a static drinks stop.


(Q) Will there be medical support?
(A) Yes we have both local and Singapore medical teams but cyclist are responsible for their own medical insurance in the case of serious injuries.

Nongsa Challenge - Post Race 

(Q) What's provided in the lunch?
(A) A tasty / hearty buffet lunch and as much Indonesian chilli as you want - you just need to pay for soft drinks and beer.


(Q) Can I say a speech about how great the race was and thank my team mates?
(A) You have to win first


Cycosports Nongsa Challenge - One Lap Preview


Here'e a great review / preview of the Nongsa Challenge circuit.