Tour de Barelang (aka B6B) 2019
Tour de Barelang (aka B6B) 2019
Tour de Barelang (aka B6B) 2019
Tour de Barelang (aka B6B) 2019
Tour de Barelang (aka B6B) 2019

Tour de Barelang (aka B6B) 2019


21 Apr 2019

Tour de Barelang (aka Batam Six Bridges) is back for its 8th year! As described by CycleAsia, the race has become an instant classic (

Tour de Barelang (aka B6B) 2019


21 Apr 2019

Tour de Barelang (aka Batam Six Bridges) is back for its 8th year! As described by CycleAsia, the race has become an instant classic (read more).

It's a tough race traversing the entire length of Batam Island and in doing so, crossing six bridges along the way. The road offers some stunning scenery and amazing views of blue waters and islands. But don't be fooled, this is a tough course that punishes the body and soul. Only the sharpest, fastest and hardest will win!

UPDATE : Video Briefing: Full Race Briefing is Here

Latest Details

Everything you need for the race is right here:

  • - 128km Race Distance
  • - 8th Year
  • - Annual Classic
  • - Grade Categories
  • - Race Support Incl
  • - Land Transfers Incl
  • - Lunch Incl
  • - Registration is Open


21st April 2019 -  Big Day Out!

Cycosports is returning to Batam on the 21st April for the 8th edition of the classic Tour de Barelang (aka Six Bridges Road Race).

This year we are also returning to grade racing - with A,B and C grades.

The course in 2019 will start from Sekupang Ferry terminal, travelling 75km along the Barelang Road and back 60km to the finish on the apex of the Barelang Bridge.

Ferries will dispatch the riders to Batam in the morning from Harbourfront terminal and return back in the afternoon after the race to Singapore by 5-6pm.

Having disembarked at Sekupang, riders will prepare themselves and their bikes for the day ahead. Once everyone is ready, it is time to depart under police escort for the 12km neutralised ride through central Batam until you reach the start of the Barelang Bridge Road, where 110km of undulating roads await inter-dispersed with rolling hills, bridges and scenic views.

Once onto the Barelang Bridge road the noise, traffic, hustle and bustle die away and you are soon left to enjoy rolling hills and the countryside of the Batam archipelago.

Bridge 1, the Barelang Bridge itself comes into view at 24km. It is the most dramatic of the bridges on the route . Carry on to the Island, Pulau Taunton, 2km further and you have crossed over Pulau Nipah and then Pulau Setoku and at 32km marker you will touch down on Pulau Rempang which is where the challenge begins with the next 25km being constantly undulating, never letting up for a moment.

After serval hill climbs you reach the 5th bridge at 56km and the scenery gets all the more spectacular as you cross onto Galang Island and take in breathtaking sea views. The final bridge is over to Pulau Galang Baru at 65km and another 10km of rollers later you will reach something of an anticlimactic U-turn at the end of the road to no-where.

Follow your tracks back along the 6 bridges to grand welcome and finish line perched on the summit of the very first bridge at 128km and you have completed the challenge.

Once over the summit glide down the other side to be welcomed by the reception committee at the Plaza and cool down in the ice baths and under the fire hoses provided.

We then head to Barelang Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

Distance: 128km

Total ascent: 1120m



Tour de Barelang (aka Batam Six Bridges) Race Route

Strava Club Route - Click Here

Tour de Barelang 2019


Sunday 21st April 2019

Categories 1,2 & 3

Singapore time
5.00am       - ferry and race check in (Registration) opens at HARBOURFRONT Ferry Terminal
6.30am       - ferry boarding
7.00am       - ferry departure
Batam Time
Sekupang Ferry Terminal 
7.00am       - ferry arrival to Sekupang ferry terminal
7:15am       - Registration for local riders and those already in Batam
8.10am       - Grade A start
8.15am       - Grade B start
8.20am       - Grade C & Women's Open Start


Plaza @ Barelang Bridge
11:30am    - expected first finisher
2:00pm    - race cut off
12:30pm    - lunch commences
1:30pm    - prize giving
2:30pm    - buses depart for Sekupang
3:45pm      - ferry departure from Sekupang to Singapore 
Singapore time
5:45pm       - arrival into Singapore - HARBOURFRONT

majesticferryCycosports will be chartering ferries to take up to 300 cyclists to Batam.

Departure will be from HARBOURFRONT TERMINAL at 7.15am Singapore time.

Arrival into SEKUPANG FERRY TERMINAL will at 7.15am local time (Indonesia).

Included in the price for your ferry ticket is all bike handling and speedy transit through customs.

Cycosports agents will arrange for fast track through Indonesian Immigration and will handle passport stamping whilst you are riding. Your passports will be returned to you along with your boarding pass after the race for your return to Singapore.

Please pre-purchase ferry tickets and Visa on Arrival during the race registration to ensure you are fast tracked through immigration. If you would like to stay over or make alternative ferry arrangements, you may do so, but are responsible for your transport from Barelang Seafood.


Prize GivingPrize Giving

Details of prizes will follow in due course but prizes will be awarded to:

Individual prizes

  • A Grade – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders
  • B Grade – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders
  • C Grade – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders
  • Women's Open – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders

Team Prizes

  • Team prizes will be awarded for A, B and C Grade.
  • Team prize is based upon the combined top 3 riders time per team per Grade.

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Batam Six Bridges (Tour de Barelang).

Tour de Barelang - Pre Race

(Q) So the Tour de Barelang is on the 21st April 2019?
(A) Yes this year we have Grade A, B and C racing. We are potentially also looking at D Grade racing if the interest is there.


(Q) What is the capacity of the race?
(A) With two ferries we can accommodate approximately 250-280 riders.

(Q) I understand this is a Grade Race? How Does that Work?
(A) All Singapore Cycling Federation road riders with a 2019 license will have a Grade A,B,C,D or E. On purchasing your license, a grade will be allocated based on your previous race experience. If new to Singapore, on requesting a license from SCF you can support your request for a particular grade (as well as appeal) with details of your experience.

(Q) I want to register but don't have a grade yet?
(A) You have 2 options here. If you are intending to register for a 2019 SCF license, please select the grade that you think you are "most likely" to race in. If you are not intending to have a 2019 license and not collect SCF points or live overseas, simply select the grade that best suits your ability. If you are new to racing, then you are most probably Grade C. Details of Grades can be found here

(Q) What type of bike can I use?
(A) For the race categories we follow the UCI standard for road race bikes. We do however allow disc-brake wheels but there is no race support for these. 


(Q) How Big Can My Race Team Be?
(A) In the spirit of competive racing, we limit the team size to 8. You can submit one or more teams per category. For example if you had 10 riders, you could submit a team of say 6 and 4. These would be classed as Team A and Team B within the category and from the perspective of points for the team trophies.  


(Q) What is the Refund Policy on Your Events?
(A) Please see our refund policy here


(Q) What if there is Haze?
(A) In the event of Haze or other weather conditions that could cause cancellation, please see our policy.


(Q) How will I be briefed on the Race?
(A) Cycosports publishes a Race Briefing Document approximately 10 days before the event. Please check the race details on the website for updates. It will also be announced on Facebook.


Tour de Barelang - The Race

(Q) Will there be motorbike support for water?
(A) Yes for the race - drop to the back of the peloton, give your empty bottle to the rider in exchange for a full bottle. We will also have roaming bikes cover the circuit and a static drinks stop.


(Q) Will there be medical support?
(A) Yes we have both local and Singapore medical teams but cyclist are responsible for their own medical insurance in the case of serious injuries.

Tour de Barelang - Post Race

(Q) Is there anywhere to change or shower after the race?
(A) There will be very basic wash facilities for men and women at the restaurant - please bring a towel / soap etc. Alternatively bring wet wipes and a strong deodorant.


(Q) What's provided in the lunch?
(A) A tasty / hearty buffet lunch and as much Indonesian chilli as you want - you just need to pay for soft drinks and beer.


(Q) Can I say a speech about how great the race was and thank my team mates?
(A) You have to win first

(Q) I'd like to leave early and organise my own return ferry - Can I?
(A) You can, but you will need to purchase a second return ferry ticket (direct with a ferry company) and you will need to organise your own transport from Barelang Seafood. You will also need to retain your passport in the morning by taking normal immigration rather than the Cycosports fast track service.


* Required Fields

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

Please read the questions carefully and answer honestly.



1.    Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and that you should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor?


2.    Do you feel pain in your chest when you do physical activity?


3.    In the past month, have you had chest pain when you were not doing physical activity?


4.    Do you lose your balance because of dizziness or do you ever lose consciousness?


5.    Do you have a bone or joint problem (for example, back, knee or hip) that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity?


6.    Is your doctor currently prescribing drugs (for example, water pills) for your blood pressure or heart condition?


7.    Do you know of any other reason why you should not do physical activity?


If you answered YES to one or more questions:

Consult your doctor by phone or in person BEFORE you start becoming much more physically active or BEFORE you have a fitness appraisal. Tell your doctor about the PAR-Q and which question you answered YES.

  • You may be able to do an activity you want – as long as you start slow and build up gradually. Or you may need to restrict your activities to those which are safe for you. Consults your doctor about the kinds of activities you wish to participate in and follow his/her advice.
  • Find out which community programmes are safe and helpful for you.

If you answered NO honestly to all PAR-Q questions, you can be reasonably sure to:

  • Start becoming much more physically active. Starting slowly and building up gradually is the safest and easiest way to go.
  • Take part in a fitness appraisal. This is excellent for determining your basic fitness so as to plan the best way to live actively. Evaluating your blood pressure is also strongly recommended. For readings above 144/94, consult your doctor before you become more physically active.

Delay becoming much more active:

  • If you are not feeling well because of a temporary illness such as a cold or a fever – wait until you feel better, or
  • If you are or may be pregnant – consult your doctor before you start becoming more active.