Tour de Kepri 2018
Tour de Kepri 2018
Tour de Kepri 2018
Tour de Kepri 2018
Tour de Kepri 2018


Barelang Classic - The Queen's Stage of the Tour de Kepri


30 Sept 2018

Barelang ClassicIn 2018 Cycosports is launching the Tour de Kepri, a fantastic 3 Stage Tour that we know will become a feature on the Asia amateur racing calendar.

Combined with the new event, we are retaining the option to come and race or ride the iconic Barelang stage as a one-day event.

For those who like to race, we have the race package that allows you to come over the night before, meet your fellow Tour riders and rest up for the early start the next day.

By having the racing guys come the night before we can set the racing pelotons off early in lower temperatures and less traffic through town.

The good thing is you will finish earlier also and be home to Singapore for afternoon tea.

For those who would like to ride the course as a personal achievement, we have the Gran Fondo Day Trip at an unbelievable $99 which covers your ferry, porter charges, express immigration, event support, lunch at Barelang Seafood Restaurant, bike and bus transfers.

In Summary

Û Before % The Race Ü After µ Extras
Race Briefing þ
Police Escort þ
Live Results Posted þ
Single Room
Ferry Tickets þ
Race Marshals þ
Lunch þ
Beer & Soft Drinks
Twin Share Rooms * þ
Water Support þ
Prize Giving *    
Breakfast * þ
Wheel Support þ
Bus Transfers    
  * Barelang Racers þ
Active Timing þ
Return Ferry
Gran Fondo Briefing

BarelangBridgeRegistration Has Closed

Steps to a Successful Gran Fondo:

1) Check Your Detail on the Start List Tab

       a) Check that your Name is Correct, Nationality and Team   

2) Read the Full Race Briefing - Download PDF

3) Be at the correct Harbour Front Ferry Terminal early.

4) Questions - check the FAQ's otherwise please CONTACT US


Barelang Classic

The iconic stage and a classic on the calendar - Barelang (aka Six Bridges) will test all the GC contenders and teams.


Stage 3

Sunday 30 Sept

Stage 3: Barelang


It's the final day of the tour and what a way to finish.

The Barelang stage will be 125km in length with 1000m plus elevation.*

While on paper it doesn't look out of the ordinary, the reality is somewhat different.

The course covers the entire length of Batam traversing the six bridges down to the turn and then back again. The "kicker" in the past six years of running this race has been the wind at the turn and it's normally the place the pelotons are stretched to their limit.


Barelang is always exciting and most years has seen solo breakaways in the last kilometres. It's a test of teamwork and making the correct call on the decisive breaks. 

The iconic finish on the Barelang bridge provides a fitting climax to the tour, after which riders have a simple roll down to the Barelang Seafood Resturant for the prize giving.

The Sunday Prize Giving will include the prizes for the Barelang stage as well as the overall GC for Individuals and teams.

After the prize giving it's time to say goodbye to Kepri and head back to Singapore and beyond.

Û Before % The Race Ü After µ Extras
Breakfast þ
Police Escort þ
Live Results Posted þ
Single Room
Checkout þ
Race Marshals þ
Lunch þ
Beer & Soft Drinks
Water & Bananas þ
Water Support þ
Prize Giving  
Wheel Support þ
Bus Transfers    
Active Timing þ
Return Ferry
Barelang Gran Fondo

The One Day Barelang Gran Fondo 

Kepri Grand Fondo

On Sunday the flag-off for GF Riders will be around 8:30am with the day-tripper Gran Fondo sailing from Harbourfront and joining the tour riders at Batam Centre. 

After the flag-off, there will be a front escort through town, but remember these are open roads and GF riders are not racing.

The course for Sunday is 125km with the finish on the iconic Barelang Bridge. During the event, there will be support vehicles as well as an ambulance and sweeper truck following. Three water stops will be on the course also.

Once you have finished, GF riders will proceed to Barelang seafood for lunch. The showers are limited, so wet wipes could be an option if you want to remain friends with your teammates.

On completion of lunch, participants will board the buses and head to Sekupang Ferry Terminal for boarding. Your bikes are transported to the terminal during your lunch.

We expect to be back at Harbourfront at 6:20pm, just in time for dinner!


Barelang Classic Racers Schedule

The following is a high-level schedule of the Classic "Racers" schedule:






30/9/2018  (Saturday)

7:20pm (SG Time) Day Racers Board Ferry Harbourfront
7:20pm (IND Time) Ferry Arrives Batam Centre
Day Racers escorted to Harmoni One Hotel
Checkin to Harmoni One Hotel Harmoni One
Free and Easy (No Dinner Provided)
30/9/2018  (Sunday) 5:00am Breakfast Opens (Barelang Racers) Harmoni One
7:00am Flag Off: Barelang Classic (125km) Open Plaza
8:30am Flag Off: Barelang Gran Fondo (125km) Open Plaza
10:30am  Barelang Classic Racers Lunch Opens / Prize Giving Barelang Seafood
12:15pm Racers Departure for Ferry Terminal
2:30pm Racers Depart to Singapore Sekupang
3:15pm (SG Time) Racers Depart to Singapore Sejupang

Barelang Classic Gran Fondo Day Trippers Schedule

The following is a high-level schedule of the Classic "Day Trippers" schedule:





30/9/2018  (Sunday) 5:15am (SG Time) Registration Opens Harbourfront
7:20am  Ferry Departs Harbourfront
7:20am (IND Time) Ferry Arrives - Riders Walk Across the Road to Plaza Batam Centre
8:30am Flag-Off - Gran Fondo (125km)
12:30pm First Riders In / Lunch Barelang Seafood
2:45pm Buses Depart for Sekupang
4:20pm Ferry Departs for Singapore


The following details the items included with each Tour de Kepri and Barelang Classic package. 

If you would like to know more about the Tour de Kepri (Racing and 2 day GF) please click here.

Tour de Kepri Package Details


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Tour de Kepri.

Barelang Classic

(Q) I understand this is part of the larger Tour de Kepri?

(A) Yes. You can also choose to do the 3 day Race Tour or the 2 Day Gran Fondo Tour. For more details please click here 

(Q) Your Early Bird Pricing Seems Incredible?

A) It is! Kepri Tourism Board is sponsoring early bird entries with free twin share accommodation giving people the opportunity to enter the tour and one-day event at an unbelievable price. 

(Q) When does the Early Bird pricing end?
A) We have limited slots available at the special pricing so once these are full, the normal pricing will kick in.

(Q) My wife / husband / friend would like to come along and watch. Is this possible?
A) Unfortunately, it's not practical as the start and finish of each stage in different and the logistics of moving spectators is not within our means.

(Q) What is the Refund Policy on Your Events?
(A) Please see our refund policy here. Please note there is no refund early bird rates. Transfers are allowed on early bird rates but will be at the prevailing public price as at the date of the transfer request via email.

(Q) How will I be Briefed on the Event?
(A) Cycosports publishes a briefing Document approximately 10 days before the event. Please check the event details on the website for updates. It will also be announced on Facebook.

Ferry Transport

(Q) I'd like to take different ferries which I book myself. Can I get a refund on the Cycosports Ferries?

(A) Afraid not as we have special agreements in place with the respective parties supporting the tour.

(Q) Should I bring a Bike Bag to protect my bike during transport?
(A) We would recommend not to unless travelling in from overseas. We do protect bikes during transport with blankets.

(Q) I understand you are using FastTrack Immigration. How does this work?
A) You will pass your passport (with the Cycosports sticker on the front) to the immigration officers. They will then process them in bulk and return them to us later. The process speeds up immigration.

(Q) Why are you not returning via Batam Centre?
A) Batam Centre can experience long waiting periods. The Sekupang terminal is better suited for bicycle loading and expediting chartered ferries.

Accommodation (Barelang Classic Racers)

(Q) Can I have a room for myself?
A) Yes, you can but you will need to pay an additional $50 per night's stay.

(Q) I will twin share - how do I pick my roommate?
A) As part of registration, please state your friend's name that you are twin sharing with. Notte - You need to chase your friend to ensure they sign up (especially if they want the early bird rate). If they are slow they will be charged the normal rate.

(Q) Can I take my bicycle to my room?

A) We do not encourage this as we have set up special "secure" areas for the bikes. You will only be able to remove your bike from the holding area if you have the matching bib tag.

(Q) How does the Express Checkout Work?
A) We will allow everyone to check out together and will do a master bill. Later in the day, we will chase you for the monies (in Rupiah). Please note that you will not be able to dispute the payment with Cycosports as we are simply collecting the amount owing. Ideally, if you can settle your own bill the night before it will make it easier for everyone and avoids any disputes.

(Q) We check out very early from the hotels. When will I see my large bag again?
A) Your large bag will be waiting for you at Sekupang Ferry Terminal (Sunday) within a special holding area.

Food & Beverage

(Q) So lunch at Barelang Seafood Resturant is included?
A) Yes .


(Q) Is this event governed by UCI rules?
A) No, this event will reference (most) UCI rules but is an amateur sporting event.

(Q) Are you supporting disc brake wheels?
A) No not at this stage. If you are using Disc Brake Wheels We suggest you use tire sealant or bring sealant / spare tube with you.

(Q) I'd like to race but I'm not keen on Criteriums
(A) That's ok - you have a couple of options. First please do check out the criterium course - especially for the Category 3 riders as it's a longer course that is more suited to those who have not done much criterium racing. An alternative option is to "skip" the criterium and just do the stages. While you allow this, you will not be in contention 

(Q) What type of bike can I use?
(A) For the race categories, we follow the UCI standard for road race bikes (except weight will not be tested). We also allow disc-brake wheels but there is no race support for these.

(Q) How Big Can My Race Team Be?
(A) In the spirit of competitive racing, we limit the team size to 8 per category. You can submit one or more teams per category. For example if you had 10 riders, you could submit a team of say 6 and 4. These would be classed as Team A and Team B within the category and from the perspective of points for the team trophies.

(Q) Is it fair that someone can just race the Barelang Classic? They will have fresh legs!
A) Those coming only to race the Barelang classic will only be competing for the stage trophy and their individual time will not contribute to the team result for the team tour placings. Yes, they can help their team members who are in the tour as can your one day team members.

(Q) Why are you making individuals who wish to race the one-day Barelang Classic come over on the Saturday and stay the night?
A) We are aiming to start the 3rd day's racing early as it will provide quieter roads as well as provide a great gap between the racing pelotons and the gran fondo riders later in the day.

Gran Fondo

(Q) Are the gran fondo riders timed?
A) Yes the riders will receive times for their respective stages.

(Q) Are there trophies for the gran fondo winners?
A) No as the gran fondo is meant to be a personal challenge ride, not a race.

Stage Support

(Q) What support are we provided on the stages?
A) Those racing will have Peloton Support in the form of Water and Wheel Bikes, as well as a neutral car and ambulance following each Peloton. A sweeper truck will also be behind the race pelotons and the last gran fondo rider.

(Q) Will there be medical support?
(A) Yes we have both local medical teams but cyclist are responsible for their own medical insurance in the case of serious injuries.

Other Questions

(Q) How do I get an answer for other questions I may have?
A) Please submit any questions you may have here

Start List

Barelang Classic Gran Fondo Start List

Your details will take a few days to be listed from your order as the list shown here is from the timing system and must be cleaned and imported. If any information is missing please use the contact us form.