Carpark Climb


19 Aug 2018

Register now and get a $50 of Downtown Gallery Vouchers*



Carpark Climb


19 Aug 2018

Register now and get a $50 of Downtown Gallery Vouchers*

Downtown Gallery

What better location for carpark racing to return to Singapore, than the new OUE Downtown building. Packed with fantastic retail covering lifestyle and sports, combined with F&B outlets, OUE Downtown makes the perfect location for a morning of exciting carpark racing and supporting cycling activities for the whole family.



DT Poster

Mark your calendars – Sunday 19 August will feature Singapore’s top cyclists from road, mountain and fixed gear competing in an exciting morning of qualifiers followed by finals for the women’s and men’s open category where the top 10 battle it out. The winners will be crowned King or Queen of the Downtown Race and receive medals and a special winner’s jersey designed specifically for the event.

The morning will also feature fun activities for the whole family including kid’s races and watt bike races. There will be talks on how to improve your cycling performance as well as time to chill and enjoy a coffee or lunch.

Entry for the Downtown Race event is $50 which includes $50 (5x $10) Downtown Gallery vouchers* that can be used in any of the many retail and F&B outlets in Downtown Gallery.

The event starts from 8:00am to 12:30pm

12 Race Categories     

The event will be held with the following categories to choose from:

  • Men's Junior (17-18yrs)*
  • Women's Junior (17-18yrs)*
  • Men’s Open Elite (19yrs+)
  • Men's Masters (35yrs-44yrs)
  • Men's Supermasters (45yrs+)
  • Men's Sport / Weekend Warrior (19yrs+)
  • Women's Open (19yrs +)
  • Women’s Sport / Weekend Warrior (16yrs +)
  • Men's MTB (15yrs+)
  • Women's  MTB (15yrs+)
  • Men's Fixed Gear (15yrs+)
  • Women's Fixed Gear (15yrs+)


Are you Under 17?

 * For Women's Weekend Warrior and Juniors, we will accept riders below the minimum age providing we have parental consent. All riders below 17 years of age are required to complete a parental consent form that can be submitted on the day of the event. Parental Consent Form


OUE Downtown Carpark Race Briefing

Sunday 19th August - 8:00 am to 12noon (Prize Giving - Assemble at Autobus at 12 noon)

Participant Start List

The list of participants by category is on the tab Start List
If any of your details are missing you can email admin@cycosports.com

Getting There

OUE Downtown is located along the entire stretch of Maxwell Link and Shenton Way, with McCallum Street and Maxwell Road at each end.

Please note that Maxwell Link will be closed for the race so parking should be sort at:

  • SGX Centre, Shenton Way
  • V on Shenton, Shenton Way
  • AXA Tower, Shenton Way
  • Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Straits Boulevard


Registration Sign In

Registration Sign-In opens at 7:15am (outside Autobus)

All riders must sign in and collect their race kit which consists of:

  1. A Timing Chip (Must be returned or $100 replacement)
  2. A Bike Number Sticker
  3. An Autobus Meal Voucher

You will also receive a Goodie-Bag with your $50 vouchers as well as other items from participating Downtown Outlets.

Under 17 - Indemnity Form

If you are under 17, please complete the following parental consent form and bring a copy for race entry. 

If you forget your form and your parents are not at the event, we will give you your goodie bag but you can not race.

Category Starts - Seeding and Finals

  • Seeding Runs will Start at 8:00am (Seed Timing determines the Finals Start Order) 

  • Final Runs will start at 10:00am (Final Times determine the winners)

Seeding and Start Times

The Start Process

  1. Riders will gather by their category 15 minutes before the start (please see times in red) at the Staging Area
  2. Riders should have their race number and race timing chip in place (race timing chip goes on either front fork as low as possible)
  3. On completion of the previous category, all riders in the next category will head to B2
  4. At B2 riders will be sorted into race start order with two riders lining up together
  5. Each Pair of Riders will be counted down at minute intervals and given a whistle to start
  6. Riders have up to 30 seconds to start and their timing will only start once they cross the timing strip
  7. Riders can race together or decide to do their own time trial

The Route

  • The route will take you out of the basement carpark (please watch the hump and 2 metre exit height)
  • Riders will turn right onto the Maxwell Link and race the entire length.
  • There is an Inflatable Cycosports Gate that indicates the "split" time. It's also a good point to start breaking for the Turn into the 2nd Carpark.  
  • The turn into the carpark is a U-Turn so be ready for it.
  • From here it's six torturous levels to the finish at the top of the carpark
  • Level 2 Does have a speed hump - please watch out for this
  • Please see the Route Tab for further details

Coming Down After Your Race

  • Riders will need to stay at the finish area until all riders in the category have finished their run.
  • On confirmation from the marshalls, riders are to quickly/ safely head down to Maxwell Link where Marshals will request the riders keep to the left and head back to the Start Area.

Spectators / Keeping the Course Safe

  • Spectators and supporters are most welcome
  • Please use common sense and ensure you are out of the way of riders racing
  • Please only cross the "race path" with a Marshal present
  • Please obey Marshals / Security Personnel at all times

Race Results and Prize Giving

  • Race Results for both seeding and finals can be found here
  • On completion of final runs, all cyclists should head to Autobus for Prize Giving which will start at approximately 12:15pm


  • In the event a VIP (from surrounding buildings) needs to exit or enter Maxwell Link, we will need to temporarily stop the racing
  • In an emergency, we may need to stop your race in progress (with Marshals bearing Red Flags). Please obey the Marshals.
  • If your race is interrupted due to a marshal "Red Flag" incident, we will aim to provide a re-run asap
  • If for any reason final runs cannot be completed in time, we will fall back to the seeding run times. 

Race Format

Race Format

The Downtown Race, is essentially a two-up time trial. You'll be racing against the clock, but have a fellow cyclists to also spur you on to a better time. Two up racing gives the spectators at the start and finish something additional to cheer for.

Once "launched" riders will race as hard as they can to the top of the car park, cheered on by spectators at each level. At the top of the carpark the finish gate will record their time and placing in real time.


“Race a Mate” Qualifier

During the qualifying round you can challenge a mate and you can really see who is the best hill climber. We can match you up even if you are in different categories.


Open Finals - Top 10

For those who entered the open category and come in the top 10 positions, we have a final round. Each finalist will be pitted against their next rival in a two up contest that promises to be fast and furious. The placings of the open category are based on the times of the final round only.


Morning Schedule

Sunday 19 August 2018

Please note the schedule is indicative only. Once initial numbers are in, we can refine the schedule and start times for each category.



Max Entries


Opens (Collection of Numbers & Chips)


Course Safety Check



Juniors M&F - Age 17-18*


Men's Sport - Age 19+



Men's Supermasters - Age 45+



Men's Masters - Age 35 - 45



Men's Open - Age 19+  (Round 1)



Women's Sport - Age 16+



Women's Open - Age 19+



Fixed Gear (M&F) - Age 15+



MTB (M&F) - Age 15+



Men's Open - Top 10 Finals


Course Closed To Racing


Prize Giving (The Autobus)

  * For Women's Sport and Juniors, we will accept riders below the minimum age providing we have parental consent. All riders below 17 years of age are required to complete a parental consent form that can be submitted on the day of the event. Parental Consent Form


The Route

The Route

The Downtown Race is exactly 1km in length comprising a basement carpark leading to the Maxwell Link then to the upper carpark.

Holding Area

The holding area is on road (outside The Autobus #01-01, Downtown Gallery). Cyclists are asked to be at the holding area at least 15 minutes before the start of their scheduled category.

Each cyclist that is registered will receive a timing chip at the holding area. The chip will be placed on the front fork by the Cycosports team. Cyclists will be called to the start in groups of 10.


The Start

The start is in B2, where the marshals will do a final bike check and prepare each rider for their start. Riders will be held (unless they request not to be) by a Marshall and given a 5 second countdown to their individual start.


The Route

Riders will set off (in opposite directions) racing up the levels, then emerging to the lane where they will sprint some 80m entering the next car park and climb 6 floors (both in the same direction) until they hit the top level whether the finish gate will be.


The Finish

The Finish is located on the top level of the park. A finish gate will record the time which will be posted to a live TV screen, ranking each rider according to their category. Bike stands will be available at the top level so that cyclists can leave their bikes and cheer on fellow riders.

Please Note: Final approval of the road closure is still pending. If Road Closure is not obtained, the 2nd Car Park will be used.

Prize Giving

Prize Giving

Downtown Race Winners Jersey

There is a separate Women's and Man's Winners Jersey for the respective categories.


Once the open category has finished, we will proceed to The Autobus (#01-01) for a short prize giving. The Autobus is located at the ground floor of Downtown Gallery (retail podium inside Downtown Gallery) and is a great supporter of Cycling in Singapore.


We do encourage all cyclists and spectators to join us at the prize giving. It's a time to say thank you to the sponsors, congrats to the winners and to catch up with old and new friends. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer your most welcome to drop us a question here.


Q: How do I determine my age?

A: Age is determined by the present year minus the year of birth of the competitor. Example, 2018 minus 1992 is 26yrs.


Q: Can I come test ride the car park anytime?

A: No - The car park is private property. We can only open the car park for the specified race period. Rest assured all riders are on an even playing field and the safety of riders is never compromised with professionally managed events that have the rider's safety at the forefront.


Q: What time do I need to be at the event?

A: A few days before the event, we will publish a list of start times for all those who have pre-registered. We would recommend that you arrived 15-20 minutes before your group start time as you will still need to sign in and secure your timing chip.


Q: What type of bike can I use?

A: All Road Bikes. Marshalls will check individual bikes for safety compliance 15 minutes before the start and during the event and ensure that the following are adhered to:

  • Both handlebar plugs are in place
  • No time trial bike or any extensions (i.e. aerobars, saddle bottles)
  • Helmets must be worn
  • Sleeve Jersey/Skinsuit (i.e. Sleeveless jersey NOT allowed)
  • No gear ratio lockout required for Juniors
  • Disc Brakes are allowed

In addition, all participants are requested to take note of the following:

Please act in a sporting manner at all times and must not push or interfere with another cyclists by hand or by other means, displays indecent conduct or foul language or perform acts of violence.

Any protest must be made within 15 minutes of the decision given rise to the claim. The SCF marshal, in consultation with the Event Director, shall then investigate and give a decision and this decision shall be irrevocable. All claims and appeals must be made in writing with a $100 non-refundable cash deposit made to the Event Organiser.

Q: Is there a category for ladies?

A: Yes there are two categories for ladies - open and sport. We do encourage ladies to come and try the event and feel the excitement and fun of these types of events.


Q: Can I register on the day?

A: No as we will sell out.


Q: Why is there an age limit for some categories?

A: These races are considered pretty serious so you have to be a fairly experienced rider to join. If you are under 18 and have a good race history, we can consider you, providing you also have parental consent.


Q: Do I need a SCF or UCI licence for this race?

A: No but we do request that you have your own insurance in case of an accident.


Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and non-transferable.


Q: Can I change my race category later?

A: Only if places are available and greater than a week before the event.


Q: How can I warm up before my race?

A: The best idea is on the small streets nearby. Please take caution and also ensure you are back in time for your group's escort down to the start line.


Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and an ambulance on standby.


Q: Are their winners for each Category?

A: Yes each category will have medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. As well as the winner’s jersey for 1st, we are hoping to gather prizes from sponsors also.


Q: Where will be the Prize Giving?

A: Once we have the final Open category completed, prize giving will be held at The Autobus on the ground floor of Downtown Gallery (retail podium of OUE Downtown).


Q: What if I have a bad ride? - Can I try again?

A: Unfortunately no – as time is tight we need to ensure everyone gets to complete their individual ride.


Q: Once I finish my ride can I come straight back down?

A: No quite. We need to marshal those coming down in blocks and ensure no one is racing up. We will notify those at the top when they can ride down. We would ask that all cyclists ride down in a sensible "non-race" speed.


Q: Are you doing a team prize?

A: No - this first event is just for individuals, however your team will be listed next to your name.


Q: I'd like to help out (volunteer) on the day - is that possible?

A: Absolutely - we always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.



Nearby carparks:

  • SGX Centre, Shenton Way
  • V on Shenton, Shenton Way
  • AXA Tower, Shenton Way
  • Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Straits Boulevard


Outlets Open

Outlets Open

The following outlets will be open during the Downtown Race Event on Sunday 19 August:

  • The Dental Studio
  • The Providore
  • Royal Sporting House
  • 6Oz Espresso Bar
  • Artline
  • The Autobus
  • Absolute Cycle
  • Boulder Movement
  • Wings To Wings
  • Haus Athletics
  • Monster Curry
  • Dosirak
  • Upside Motion
  • Chen Mapo Tofu
  • Express By Chatterbox
  • Make Up For Ever
  • OUE Social Kitchen
Start List

OUE DOWTOWN Carpark Race - Participant List

Your details will take a few days to be listed from your order as the list shown here is from the timing system and must be cleaned and imported


Event Sponsors