Jungle Cross 2020
Jungle Cross 2020
Jungle Cross 2020
Jungle Cross 2020
Jungle Cross 2020

Jungle Cross I 2020


09 Feb 2020

The Jungle Cross Series is for the whole family, with categories for all ages from 5 to 75 years. Unsure? Come on down and check out the action for...

Jungle Cross I 2020


09 Feb 2020

The Jungle Cross Series is for the whole family, with categories for all ages from 5 to 75 years. Unsure? Come on down and check out the action for yourself. The Jungle Cross Series is held at the private Centaurs Jungle Trail, Turf City, Bukit Timah.



Centaurs Group owns and operates the Centaurs Sports Park at Turf City, Bukit Timah. 


Activities offered:

  • * Centaurs Rugby Club
  • * Centaurs Touch Club
  • * Kids parties and camps
  • * Event management
  • * Sports field hire
  • * Team building events


Jungle Cross Summary PictureThe Jungle Cross series is now in it's 5th year. Over these five years we have striven to constantly improve the Turf City course to accommodate riders of all levels, whether a young beginner or a seasoned / elite rider. The course is now over 4km (excluding top field) in length and boasts terrain that is both challenging and beautiful. It's quite remarkable that such a course can exist in the middle of urban Singapore.

The 2020 Races

In 2020 we are planning between 3-5 races over the season, depending on the ability to attract sponsors that can help support the MTB / AM & CX community.

There are some important changes to the 2020 series. Jungle Cross races:

  • do not require a SCF / UCI license
  • are under Cycosports Race Rules

Note:  We strongly recommend that all riders have some level of insurance that covers them in case of cycling accidents.

Race Categories

In 2020 there are new race categories that better reflect the community and mean more manageable race categories:

    • All Mountain Open (Full Suspension / At least 130mm Travel) - 15yrs+
    • CX (Cyclo-Cross) Open - 15yrs+
    • MTB Junior Sport  - 13yrs to 17yrs*
    • MTB Senior Sport - 18yrs+
    • MTB Elite 18yrs+
    • MTB Masters 30yrs+
    • MTB Supermasters 40yrs+
    • MTB Veterans 50yrs+

    * Junior Sport riders who can demonstrate are at Elite level, can be approved for the Elite racing if Cycosports judges agree.

    Race Pricing

    • $40 - Early Entry: Greater than 14 days from the event
    • $50 - Normal Entry: 7-14 days from the event
    • $60 - Late Entry: 2-6 days from the vent
    • $70 - Sign Up at the event / on the day

    More Sponsors / More Fun

    In 2020 we really need the help of the community to build a vibrant and happening event. For this, we need sponsors to support the efforts to maintain and build the course, as well as provide prizes for events. 




    Jungle Cross Course MTB & CX Courses

    The course was last extended in Oct 2019, since then minor updates and improvements have been ongoing. Depending on your race, A lines maybe open, while B lines will always be available.

    Jungle Cross Course Oct 2019


    Jungle Cross Race Schedule

    Please Note - Podium Prize Giving is only applicable for categories which have 3 or more riders signed up 7 days before the event. Riders will still collect "Pure Points" for the end of Pure Jungle Cross Competition regardless of category size. You do not need any form of license to compete in this competition.

    RACE A - Pro Course (B Lines) & Cyclo-Cross Course





    Sport Open

    3 Laps


    Sport Junior

    2 Laps


    Cyclo-Cross Open (Cyclo-Cross Course)

    8 Laps

    Prize Giving for Race A will be at 9:30am (after Race B has started) 


    RACE B - Pro Course (A & B Lines Open)





    MTB SuperMasters

    3 Laps


    MTB Veterans

    3 Laps


    All Mountain

    3 Laps

    Prize Giving for Race B will be at 11:00am (after Race C has started) 



    RACE C





    MTB Elite (18yrs +)

    4 Laps


    MTB Masters (30yrs +)

    4 Laps

    Prize Giving for Race C will be after last riders finish or are pulled (approx 12:15pm) 


    Note: In the event of wet weather / muddy course the number of laps maybe reduced for some categories. 



    Getting to Jungle Cross


    Jungle Cross is located at the old Turf City. Access is via Bukit Timah Road. Please proceed past The Grandstand and head to the "Centaurs Pit" area located right next to the two netball courts (bright blue cement).


    Jungle Cross Location  Jungle Cross Getting There


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're most welcome to drop us a question here.


    Q: Do I need a SCF or UCI licence for this race?

    A: No but we strongly advise that you have some form of medal insurance that covers competitive sports.


    Q: Can I register on the day?

    A: Yes - But it will be expensive ! Early Bird is $40, Normal Entry: $50, Late Entry: $60 and "on the day": $70. You just need to come 40 minutes before the scheduled start of your race.


    Q: How do I collect my Race Bib and Timing Chip?

    A: Please be at the Centaurs Sports Park at least 40 minutes before your race to sign in and pick up your timing chip and race number.

    Please note: Timing chips and race numbers must be returned after your race (they are worth $100 so we must get them back)


    Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

    A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and nontransferable.


    Q: What setup do I need to enter the All Mountain Category?

    A: Full Suspension with 130mm of travel or more.


    Q: Are there medals for every race category, both male and female?

    A: Podium medals will be provided for each category (male or female) where there are at least 3 registered riders 7 days before the event. Please note that every category will collect series points in both male and female genders.


    Q: How can I warm up before my race?

    A: Please use surround roads (non-circuit) of Turf City and take caution and ensure you are back in time for your start time.


    Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

    A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and ambulances on standby.


    Q: I'd like to help out (volunteer) on the day - is that possible?

    A: Absolutely - we always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.


    Technical / T&C's

    Jungle Cross Race Categories

    The 2020 Championships will follow defined race categories for both male and female. The race categories are based on age which is determined by present year minus year of birth (e.g. 2020-2001 is 19yrs).


    1) MTB XCO Category

    The MTB bike used can be hardtail or dual suspension with 26, 27.65 or 29inch wheels. There is no restriction on suspension travel or tire size (eg a Fatbike could be used in this category).

    The MTB Age Categories Are:

    • Junior Sport – 13yrs+ to 17yrs*
    • Senior Sport  – 18yrs+
    • Elite - 18yrs+
    • Masters – 30yrs+
    • Supermasters – 40yrs+
    • Veterans – 50yrs+

    * Junior Sport riders who can show they are at Elite level can be approved for Elite racing if Cycosports agrees


    2) All Mountain Open Category

    For riders using bikes which are dual suspension and >130mm travel, they can opt to enter the All Mountain Category. Please note riders must be 15yrs+.


    3) Cyclocross / CX Open Category

    Rider can use CX "style" bikes (Disc or Rim). All bikes within the CX category must have drop bars and 700cc wheels (32mm maximum tire). CX riders must be 15yrs+.


    Race Category Selection

    For Jungle Cross events, riders can race any category and collect points for each category. This means they can ride two or more races in one event day providing scheduling allows. The end of year points will be accumulated for each race category. For example a rider could race in CX as well as in the XCO (providing scheduling allows).

    Where a race category is not available (eg Team Event), the points for the special event will be transferable to the stated categories in the event document.


    XCO Age / Ability Group Selection

    Throughout the year a rider may opt to race more than one age / ability group within the broader XCO Category. For example a rider could start the year in Sport and then transition to a harder age group category or even Elite. In this case "all" their points will be transferred to the hardest category they ride within the year.


    Jungle Cross Race Rules

    The following rules apply to Jungle Cross MTB / CX and All Mountain events:


    1. Bicycles must adhere to the specific requirements of each category (as stated above).

    2. All bicycles should have a front and rear brake and all equipment should be in safe working condition.



    1. Bicycle helmets are compulsory and must satisfy the current international standards, are in good order and fastened at all times while riding.

    2. Closed toe footwear must be worn at all times while practicing and competing.

    3. There is no restriction on advertising that may appear on clothing, helmets or

    4. Sleeveless jerseys are allowed however they must be tight fitting to ensure they do not snag.

    5. Bicycle mounted cameras are permitted providing they do not compromise the safety of the rider or others.

    6. Riders are not permitted to wear headphones or other similar music/communication devices during races.


    Race Number & Timing Chip

    1. Your race number should be clearly shown on the front of your bike (normally attached in front of the handlebars)

    2. Please do not bend, fold or cut your number plate - you maybe disqualified in such cases.

    3. Timing chip should be placed on the non-disk side of the fork as low as possible.

    4. All Number Plates and Chips need to be returned after the event.


    Race Starts

    1. Cycosports will notify riders of the start of each race 10 minutes before.

    2. There will be no staging area or start order. Simply line up at the start once called.

    3. Riders ready to race will have their Number Plate clearly displayed, Timing Chip attached and Helmet on


    Feed / Technical Zone

    1. An area will be setup for mechanics and for feeding labeled with a Feed Zone Start and Feed Zone Finish.

    2. Riders are recommended to repair their bikes in the Technical Zone, however may repair their bike “on course” if they have the tools / tube etc to do so.

    3. Within the Technical Zone a rider may change bikes (for mechanical reasons) but must securely transfer their chip and notify the Cycosports Judges.

    4. The Feedzone is for supporters to provide water / nutrition to riders during the race. A dedicated area reduces confusion and potential for rubbish.


    Race Finish

    1. Pull Outs - We will try not to pull anyone out of an event unless for physical reasons we beleive the rider should not continue.

    2. Last Lap - When the winning rider crosses the line, all other rider are now on their last lap and will be afforded the finish position based on this lap. Rider who are one or more laps down will be shown as such and their placing reflective of this.

    3. All riders will be given JX points based on their relative position. Riders who DNS will also be given points based on their relative position.


    Race Penalities

    At the discretion of Cycosports judges, race penalties maybe given to riders for the following:

    1. Not adhering to stated race rules

    2. Taking Shortcuts (known or unknown)

    3. Poor sportsmanship (Physical or Verbal)

    4. Riding the Jungle Cross Trail during “tag” times without a tag

    Penalties can be in the form of:

    1. Verbal Warning

    2. Time Deduction / Placing Relegation

    3. Race Disqualification (DSQ)

    4. Ban from Jungle Cross course and events


    Cycosports Judges

    The event judges are part of the Cycosports team, many of which have vast experience / accreditations. The aim will always be to made practical decision that are fair and in the spirit of an amateur event. Please respect the judges and their decisions.


    Ambulance / Medical

    Cycosports events will have a minimum of one ambulance at the event. If you need medical assistance, please notify the medical team, the Cycosports team or other riders. Riders, if you are on the course and see someone who needs medical assistance, please stop and help and inform others to notify the Cycosports / Medical Team.

    1. In the event the ambulance does need to take a rider to hospital, the rider agrees to pay the ambulance fee. Alternatively, if “non Serious” the rider may opt for calling a public ambulance.

    2. In the event the main ambulance must leave and no medical staff are on hand, all racing will be “immediately halted” until the medical team has returned.


    Personal Insurance

    Please note that all riders should have their own insurance that covers them for MTB race activities. If an ambulance is required to take you to hospital, the cost of the ambulance will also be charged to the individual.



    What's the Jungle Cross All About?

    Take a look at a snippet of the 2016 course in action

    Kid's Races


    Kid's Races

    Jungle Cross Kids Races

    In a new initiative spearheaded by sports coach Hairal, Jungle Cross will have a Kid's MTB clinic and fun race on a newly designed kid's MTB course. The concept has the full backing of Cycospoprts and the Centaurs Sports Park with support from Singapore Cycling Federation. This is an introductory clinic aimed at developing the bike handling and mountain biking skills of the next generation of riders.

    After completing the hour clinic, the kids can participate in a fun race under controlled guidance. We also encourage riders under 10 years of age to be accompanied by their parents.

    Youth Categories:

    • 5-6 Beginner – Boys/Girls
    • 7-8 Sport – Boys/Girls (with race experience)
    • 9-10 Sport – Boys/Girls (with race experience)
    • 11-12 Sport – Boys/Girls (with race experience)
    • Fee: $20.00


    The Clinic


    Starting in a safe learning environment explain the skill, demonstrate the skill and have the youth practice the skill utilizing drills.

    Once the youth understands the skills, they can then apply them on the trail during the FUN race.

    An hour of skills instruction and drills in a Centaurs Sport Park field followed by 1 or 2 laps FUN race.


    Clinic Practice Drills

      • How to ride and balance, in control and efficiency. Learn correct body position, balance and weight placement for climbing and descending (ramps/table top).
      • How to brake effectively (no skidding!)
      • How to look ahead correctly - how this effects the riding and how to improve their vision skills no matter how rough and rocky the trail is
      • How bikes corner, how to corner and balance, using vision to corner faster, easier with more control - advanced cornering with drills
      • How to wheelie over small obstacles, up and down, efficient wheelies relying on technique, not upper body strength and how to use them over different obstacles




    Registration: 9:45am

    Kid's Clinic: 10:15am to 11:15pm

    Kid's Fun Races: 11:30pm

    JX Points

    2020 Jungle Cross Points Competition

    This year the Jungle Cross series will have it's own points contest based on the new Cycosports categories and regulations.

    The aim is to further develop off-road cycling competitions across the many genres / age groups of MTB, All Mountain and Cyclo-cross.

    JX Points

    There will be points for each of the race categories for placings 1-20. While many categories do not attract 20 riders, we are hoping that through sponsorship support and lower barrier to entry (no license required), the number of competitors will increase in 2020.


    Jungle Cross races will be awarded points for the top 15 rider in each category and gender.


    How Does It Work?

    A rider does not need to select a category at the start of the year, they simply need to turn up and race.

    • A rider will be allocated points based on their finish position in the race
      • Lapped / DNS riders will also receive points based on their final position in the race

    • A rider can race in more than one of the 3 main categories being All Mountain, XCO and CX
      • The points for the category will remain within each category*
      • * They can only be transferred to another category if the special event rules apply - eg a Team Event with no specific All MTN category.

    • Within the XCO category there are additional "age / ability bands" being Sport, Elite, Masters, Supermasters and Veterans. If a rider races across 2 or more of these bands, their points for the XCO category will be collectively allocated to the strongest band they participated in.
      • eg a rider who rode Supermasters and Open - their JX Points will all move to Open
      • eg a rider who rode Sport and Supermasters - their JX points will all move to Supermasters

    Team Points

    The idea of the team competition is not only to recognise the strongest teams, but also the teams that contribute the most to the sport. For this reason there will be 2 team contests:

    • Strongest Team Winners  - Points from the Top 3 riders in each event across all categories (XCO, ALL MTN and CX)
    • Biggest Team Winners - All Points awarded for each team across all categories (XCO, ALL MTN and CX)

    Most Improved Rider

    Over the year we will also be looking for the most improved rider in each of the three disciplines. This will be a Judge's decision taking into account results as well as determination.

    Sponsors Needed

    We are really looking for sponsors to help with both individual event prizes as well as end of year prizes for individuals and teams.


    Jungle Cross 2020 Sponsors

    Start List

    Jungle Cross I 2020 - Participant List

    Please note race bib numbers may change.