Jungle Cross 2020
Jungle Cross 2020
Jungle Cross 2020
Jungle Cross 2020
Jungle Cross 2020

Jungle Cross II (SD) Individual Time Trial


10 Aug 2020

Jungle Cross II - Safe Distancing Individual Time Trial


Jungle Cross II (SD) Individual Time Trial


10 Aug 2020

Jungle Cross II - Safe Distancing Individual Time Trial



Centaurs Group owns and operates the Centaurs Sports Park at Turf City, Bukit Timah. 


Activities offered:

  • * Centaurs Rugby Club
  • * Centaurs Touch Club
  • * Kids parties and camps
  • * Event management
  • * Sports field hire
  • * Team building events


Safe Distancing Race Procedure & Rules

This is an Individual Time Trial that will be held under Singapore’s Safe Distancing laws and the guidance of SportSG / Singapore Cycling Federation. Under the current rules the location can only have 50 paxs at any point in time.

Please ensure you read the following carefully.


1) ENTRY TO CENTAURS SPORTS PARK (and Jungle Cross)Cone Layout

a) Only pre-registered riders, officials and safe distancing marshals will be allowed to enter. Spectators, Parents, Team managers etc may sit in the public area outside of the park but should exercise safe distancing and use their mask at all times.

b) Each ITT (3 in total) will have a scheduled entry time. Please do not crowd around the entry to Centaurs Sports Park / Jungle Cross.

c) On entry, please scan the “safe entry” QR code. Our team will also check your temperature

d) Proceed with your bike to the Safe Holding area, finding the cone that is the same as your race number

e) Under the cone will be your sanitised Race Number, Cable Ties and Timing Chip. Prepare yourself and when ready place your non race gear under the cone or beside the cone (we recommend a waterproof bag).

f) The only time you should leave your cone is to go to the toilet. There is only one toilet on the course (which will be continually sanitised). We strongly suggest you use the bathrooms at the grandstand before entering the Centaurs Park.

Bag by Cone







a) In the Warm-Up Area you can take off your mask as you are exercising, but you must maintain a safe distance from other riders. This is not a cruise along and chit chat with mates (even if they are in your coffee shop bubble)

b) Your number will be called out by our Cycosports team. Please proceed to the Start funnel, maintaining your distance from the rider in front (Poles will prompt you where to stop. Our team will trim your cable ties here.

Place Bottle

c) Along the start funnel you can place your bottle / bidon at one of the small cones for use during the race. You must stop completely to take a drink and neatly place your bottle back. Any bottles thrown or not near a cone will be disposed of immediately by our PPE staff. Please remember to collect your bottle immediately after the race.

d) Each rider will be released at 30 second intervals, with the fastest seeded riders first. A rider’s ranking will be based on any seeding time recorded and knowledge of the rider’s past performance at Jungle Cross. With 25 riders on the 5km trail this represents an average gap of 200m. The maximum registration number for each race wave will be set at 30 (we normally have 3-5 no-shows per race).




a) At all times please remember this is ITT is running under very strict conditions that will dictate whether we can hold similar activities in the future.

b) If a rider behind wishes to overtake, please pull over in one of the safe distancing bays or keep left on the safe distancing highways.

c) If you have a mechanical or wish to stop, please try to get to the next safe distancing bay or freeway.

d) If you come across a rider that has crashed and needs assistance, please help, first by donning your mask, then assisting. Please alert another rider to let our next marshal know the details of the accident and location.

e) On completion of your laps, please return to your allocated cone and cool down. Please wear your mask as soon as possible and if you are not drinking water.



a) There will be no public TV with results. Instead you can access results live via your own mobile phone

b) Prize giving is for the Top 3 only - held at the secure area in front of the Centaurs container. No public gathering is allowed. We will post the photos up asap for you to view online.

c) The podium will be "safe distance" and medals sanitized / placed on the podium boxes

d) Riders must stay at their allocated cones and should disperse for home ASAP *

e) When leaving, please bring your cone with you and deposit it at the exit of the Holding Area**

* The next group of riders cannot enter the facility until the previous riders have left

** A new cone will be placed on the field for the next competitor. Your cone will be sanitised




a) Individuals are encouraged to carry their own water or place their bottle are the stated area. There are NO SUPPORTERS OR TEAM MANAGERS to feed you.

b) There are NO MECHANICS for this event. Any mechanical you need to fix yourself.

c) The ambulance team will be on standby and ready to assist.

d) There will be NO WASHING of bikes as this is a small area with potential for crowding.

e) If there is a heavy rain storm, riders can shelter under the Centaurs (blue and yellow) tents but must wear a mask and practise safe distancing.




  • Please wear your mask when not exercising or drinking
  • Please practice safe distancing at all times
  • Please help us so that we can showcase this ITT and do more for cycling in Singapore
  • Please be courteous to fellow riders and officials – we are doing this for you
  • Please keep your bike with you at all times (unless the toilet). Your bike helps you safe distance



  • Don’t bring your family, manager or mechanic (unless they want to sit outside on the public grass)
  • Don’t relax and chit chat with friends – you’ll forget about safe distancing and get disqualified
  • Don’t say “this is my bubble of 5” – that can wait for the coffee shop after. Now you are a bubble of ONE
  • Don’t be a Muppet – Think of others and your family if you screw up!


Please understand these rules are required to conduct the ITT under the current circumstances. The repercussions for blatant disregard of Singapore’s Covid-19 laws could result in fines for the individual and organiser, but worse still could become a cluster that jeopardises your family and many more. If you are not prepared to abide by these rules, please refrain from signing.



Jungle Cross Course MTB & CX Courses - 2020

Since the last Jungle Cross at the start of 2020, the course has been extended to nearly 5km, giving riders great jungle time. The course features a number of safe distancing highways (wide tracks) as well as 25 safe distancing bays where riders can stop and allow others to pass.

Jungle Cross 2020

Jungle Cross Course Oct 2019


Jungle Cross II (SD) Individual Time Trial Schedule

Please note the schedule and categories may change depending on the number fo sign ups we get. The final schedule will be updated before Monday and communicated to participants via emails / facebook.

Podium Prize Giving is only applicable for categories which have 3 or more riders signed up 7 days before. Riders will still collect "Pure Points" for the end of Pure Jungle Cross Competition regardless of category size. You do not need any form of license to compete in this competition.

RACE A - Pro Course (B Lines) & Cyclo-Cross Course


Category (Max 30 Pax)



Safe Entry


Sport Open

2 Laps

Sport Junior

2 Laps

Cyclo-Cross Open (Cyclo-Cross Course)

5 Laps


Racing Concluded


Prize Giving

Riders are encouraged to leave once finished. 

RACE B - Pro Course (A & B Lines Open)





Safe Entry


MTB Veterans

2 Laps

All Mountain

2 Laps

MTB / ALL MTN Women's Categories

2 Laps


Racing Concluded


Prizing Giving

Riders are encouraged to leave once finished. 








Safe Entry


MTB Elite (18yrs +)

3 Laps

MTB Masters (30yrs +)

3 Laps

MTB Supermasters (40yrs +)

3 Laps


Racing Concluded


Prize Giving

Riders are encouraged to leave once finished. 




Getting to Jungle Cross


Jungle Cross is located at the old Turf City. Access is via Bukit Timah Road. Please proceed past The Grandstand and head to the "Centaurs Pit" area located right next to the two netball courts (bright blue cement).


Jungle Cross Location  Jungle Cross Getting There


Frequently Asked Questions


Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're most welcome to drop us a question here.


Q: Do I need a SCF or UCI licence for this ITT?

A: No but we strongly advise that you have some form of medal insurance that covers competitive sports.


Q: Can I swap with a friend?

A: No - A huge amount of time and effort is needed to put on this race including "contact tracing" which is part of the registered riders details.


Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and nontransferable.

Q: My Catgeory is Sold Out or Missing?

A: If the category is not displayed, it means it has sold out. We are sorry but there are very limited spots available.


Q: Can my supporters / family / manager / friends come and watch?

A: No - unfortuantely we have to limit the total number of people at the venue (by law) to 50pax. Our safe distancing team and marshals will assist riders where possible. We will also have one individual responsible for those riders 13-16 years of age.


Q: Can I join more than one ITT?

A: No - unfortunately we need to ensure each group of 25-30 riders completes their ITT and leaves before the next group comes in, ensuring no "cross race exposure".


Q: Are you having a "practice day" for all those who have registered and don't have an annual tag?

A: Yes you can come down Saturday 8th August 7-10am if you have registered for the ITT and don't have tag. Please note the trail will be closed Sunday for Maintenance / Monday preparation.


Q: Can I have my own "bubble of 5" friends I hang out with?

A: No - unfortunately with everyone moving around and the potential of crowding / mixing groups, we are playing it safe and asking each person to maintain their "bubble of one".


Q: Should I wear my mask and practice safe distancing when not warming up or racing?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I come early and warm up?

A: There are designated "entry times" which will manage the entry and exit. There will be some time for a final warm-up on the mini field.


Q: Do I need to "check in" at the venue and will you take my temperature?

A: Yes. Please bring your mobile phone to check in.


Q: How do I collect my Bib and Timing Chip?

A: There will be a holding area with "red cones" which will be numbered. You cone corresponds to your race number. Under the cone will be your race pack.

Please note: Timing chips and race numbers must be returned after your ITT (they are worth $100 so we must get them back)


Q: How does the ITT Start?

A: Each rider will be "called up" to the start line and released at 30 second intervals


Q: How do you ensure safe distancing during the ITT?

A: Within the course itself we have a number of safe distancing passing areas (3-4 metres wide) as well as 25 safe distancing bays where you can pull over and let a faster rider through.


Q: What if I have a mechanical or a crash on the course?

A: There is no mechanics area so you can repair your bike on the course, but please find the closest safe distancing bay to make your repair. If you have an accident and can walk, please head in the race direction to the nearest course marshal. They can then assist. If you can't walk or need immediate assistance, please let the other riders know who can then either assist or can advise the next Marshal.


Q: What setup do I need to enter the All Mountain Category?

A: Full Suspension with 130mm of travel or more.


Q: Are there medals for every category, both male and female?

A: Podium medals will be provided for each category (male or female) where there are at least 3 registered riders 7 days before the event. Please note that every category will collect series points in both male and female genders.


Q: After I finish, can I leave immediately if I am not on the podium?

A: Yes - due to the nature of the event we encourage everyone to check out as soon as possible after completing the ITT?


Q: Can I stay for my race's prize giving?

A: No - The prize giving will be in a secure area away from the holding area. Instead we will have photographers who will take photos and post these up asap.


Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and an ambulance on standby.


Technical / T&C's

Jungle Cross Categories

The 2020 Championships will follow defined categories for both male and female. The categories are based on age which is determined by present year minus year of birth (e.g. 2020-2001 is 19yrs).


1) MTB XCO Category

The MTB bike used can be hardtail or dual suspension with 26, 27.65 or 29inch wheels. There is no restriction on suspension travel or tire size (eg a Fatbike could be used in this category).

The MTB Age Categories Are:

  • Junior Sport – 13yrs+ to 17yrs*
  • Senior Sport  – 18yrs+
  • Elite - 18yrs+
  • Masters – 30yrs+
  • Supermasters – 40yrs+
  • Veterans – 50yrs+

* Junior Sport riders who can show they are at Elite level can be approved for Elite racing if Cycosports agrees


2) All Mountain Open Category

For riders using bikes which are dual suspension and >130mm travel, they can opt to enter the All Mountain Category. Please note riders must be 15yrs+.


3) Cyclocross / CX Open Category

Rider can use CX "style" bikes (Disc or Rim). All bikes within the CX category must have drop bars and 700cc wheels (32mm maximum tire). CX riders must be 15yrs+.



XCO Age / Ability Group Selection

Throughout the year a rider may opt to race more than one age / ability group within the broader XCO Category. For example a rider could start the year in Sport and then transition to a harder age group category or even Elite. In this case "all" their points will be transferred to the hardest category they ride within the year.


Jungle Cross Rules

The following rules apply to Jungle Cross MTB / CX and All Mountain:


  1. Bicycles must adhere to the specific requirements of each category (as stated above).

  2. All bicycles should have a front and rear brake and all equipment should be in safe working condition.



  1. Bicycle helmets are compulsory and must satisfy the current international standards, are in good order and fastened at all times while riding.

  2. Closed toe footwear must be worn at all times while practicing and competing.

  3. There is no restriction on advertising that may appear on clothing, helmets or

  4. Sleeveless jerseys are allowed however they must be tight fitting to ensure they do not snag.

  5. Bicycle mounted cameras are permitted providing they do not compromise the safety of the rider or others.

  6. Riders are not permitted to wear headphones or other similar music/communication devices during races.


Race Number & Timing Chip

  1. Your race number should be clearly shown on the front of your bike (normally attached in front of the handlebars)

  2. Please do not bend, fold or cut your number plate - you maybe disqualified in such cases.

  3. Timing chip should be placed on the non-disk side of the fork as low as possible.

  4. All Number Plates and Chips need to be returned after the event.


Race Starts (Safe Distancing Race)

  1. Seeded Start @ 30 second intervals

  2. Riders ready to race will have their Number Plate clearly displayed, Timing Chip attached and Helmet on


Feed / Technical Zone (Safe Distancing Race)

  1. No Mechanics Area for SD Racing. You can repair your bike anywhere (safely) by yourself

  2. Water bottles (bidons) can be carried or you can place your bottle by one of the small cones on the course (back straight)

  3. For SD Racing there are no supporters to assist you.



  1. Pull Outs - We will try not to pull anyone out of an event unless for physical reasons we beleive the rider should not continue.

  2. Last Lap - When the winning rider crosses the line, all other rider are now on their last lap and will be afforded the finish position based on this lap. Rider who are one or more laps down will be shown as such and their placing reflective of this.

  3. All riders will be given JX points based on their relative position. Riders who DNS will also be given points based on their relative position.



At the discretion of Cycosports judges, penalties maybe given to riders for the following:

  1. Not adhering to stated rules

  2. Taking Shortcuts (known or unknown)

  3. Poor sportsmanship (Physical or Verbal)

  4. Riding the Jungle Cross Trail during “tag” times without a tag

Penalties can be in the form of:

  1. Verbal Warning

  2. Time Deduction / Placing Relegation

  3. Race Disqualification (DSQ)

  4. Ban from Jungle Cross course


Cycosports Judges

The event judges are part of the Cycosports team, many of which have vast experience / accreditations. The aim will always be to made practical decision that are fair and in the spirit of an amateur event. Please respect the judges and their decisions.


Ambulance / Medical

Cycosports events will have a minimum of one ambulance at the event. If you need medical assistance, please notify the medical team, the Cycosports team or other riders. Riders, if you are on the course and see someone who needs medical assistance, please stop and help and inform others to notify the Cycosports / Medical Team.

  1. In the event the ambulance does need to take a rider to hospital, the rider agrees to pay the ambulance fee. Alternatively, if “non Serious” the rider may opt for calling a public ambulance.

  2. In the event the main ambulance must leave and no medical staff are on hand, all racing will be “immediately halted” until the medical team has returned.


Personal Insurance

Please note that all riders should have their own insurance that covers them for MTB race activities. If an ambulance is required to take you to hospital, the cost of the ambulance will also be charged to the individual.

JX Points

2020 Jungle Cross Points Competition

This year the Jungle Cross series will have it's own points contest based on the new Cycosports categories and regulations.

The aim is to further develop off-road cycling competitions across the many genres / age groups of MTB, All Mountain and Cyclo-cross.

JX Points

There will be points for each of the race categories for placings 1-20. While many categories do not attract 20 riders, we are hoping that through sponsorship support and lower barrier to entry (no license required), the number of competitors will increase in 2020.


Jungle Cross races will be awarded points for the top 15 rider in each category and gender.


How Does It Work?

A rider does not need to select a category at the start of the year, they simply need to turn up and race.

  • A rider will be allocated points based on their finish position in the race
    • Lapped / DNS riders will also receive points based on their final position in the race

  • A rider can race in more than one of the 3 main categories being All Mountain, XCO and CX
    • The points for the category will remain within each category*
    • * They can only be transferred to another category if the special event rules apply - eg a Team Event with no specific All MTN category.

  • Within the XCO category there are additional "age / ability bands" being Sport, Elite, Masters, Supermasters and Veterans. If a rider races across 2 or more of these bands, their points for the XCO category will be collectively allocated to the strongest band they participated in.
    • eg a rider who rode Supermasters and Open - their JX Points will all move to Open
    • eg a rider who rode Sport and Supermasters - their JX points will all move to Supermasters

Team Points

The idea of the team competition is not only to recognise the strongest teams, but also the teams that contribute the most to the sport. For this reason there will be 2 team contests:

  • Strongest Team Winners  - Points from the Top 3 riders in each event across all categories (XCO, ALL MTN and CX)
  • Biggest Team Winners - All Points awarded for each team across all categories (XCO, ALL MTN and CX)

Most Improved Rider

Over the year we will also be looking for the most improved rider in each of the three disciplines. This will be a Judge's decision taking into account results as well as determination.

Sponsors Needed

We are really looking for sponsors to help with both individual event prizes as well as end of year prizes for individuals and teams.


Jungle Cross 2020 Sponsors

Start List

Jungle Cross II Individual Time Trial (SD) 2020 - Participant List

Please note race bib numbers may change.