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Jungle Cross Tag

Exclusive Tag to Ride the Jungle Cross Trails


18 Jul 2020 to 01 Jul 2022
Ride the JX circuit for less than $1 a week!...

Jungle Cross Tag

Exclusive Tag to Ride the Jungle Cross Trails


18 Jul 2020 to 01 Jul 2022
Ride the JX circuit for less than $1 a week!



Centaurs Group owns and operates the Centaurs Sports Park at Turf City, Bukit Timah. 


Activities offered:

  • * Centaurs Rugby Club
  • * Centaurs Touch Club
  • * Centaurs Netball
  • * Kids parties and camps
  • * Event management
  • * Sports field hire
  • * Team building events


Welcome to Jungle Cross


The Jungle Cross course is situated on private property managed by the Centaurs Group. At any time there are multiple activities taking place at the grounds, not only the football pitches, but also within the Jungle Cross trails. As well as the Cycosports races and "open days", the trails are used by Singapore Cycling Federation for their Youth Academy and by Centaurs who run adventure camps and activities within "The Pit" area.

Why Do I Need a Tag?

We understand that some riders would like to come to the Jungle Cross trail on a regular basis. We therefore have scheduled times with all parties that will allow this, but it does mean the trail will need more maintenance. We also need some way of "policing" who goes into the trail and ensure the riders only use the trail at the specified days / times.

How Much Does a Tag Cost? 

The cost for 1 calendar year is $50 (over 19yrs) and $35 (under 19yrs). The tag is very small and can be "cable tied" to your bike - we suggest under the seat.  Your name will also be listed in the registry on this page for ease of checking. You can buy the tag online then let us know if you would like to pick up the tag at the or by post.  Rezza @ 87846703.   admin@cycosports.com

click here to register and buy now 

When Can I Ride?

Please check the schedule page which details when the course is open for "tag users". Please always access the course via Carpark C during "tag sessions" and stay off the top fields at all times.

What if I'm Caught Riding Without a Tag?

If you are not in the registry, you will be given the option to register immediately (with a 50% premium).

Am I really Trespassing Without a Tag?

Yes - Jungle Cross is private property and Centaurs / Cycosports are responsible for ensuring the safety of users. Unless specified as a "test morning" or a "race", you are trespassing and can be banned from using the trail in any event for a year. Management also has the right to notify the Police.

I lost my Tag? How?

You can message Cycosports for a new tag at a replacement cost of $15.

Can I share or Transfer my Tag?

No - it is registered to one rider and one rider only.

Will you still have open sessions before Jungle Cross Races?

Yes we will aim to have one "open session" for all riders racing in the Jungle Cross event in the following week.

Safe Distancing Entry - Please Read

The Rules & Safe Distancing

Please follow the below rules to ensure that you have a good time and are legally looking after yourself and others.

1) Check the Trail is Open

We will update the Trail schedule page for opening times as well as closures. The course could be closed due to maintenance (eg Fallen Tree), excessive rain or parts of the trail are being used by others (eg Centaurs).


2) Make Sure Your Tag is On Your Bike

We will be checking to ensure that only registered tag holders are rider during the specified times. Why the Cycosports team might know you, Centaurs staff will not and they are quite within their rights to ask to see your tag and report you if you are trespassing (after all it is their Sports Park!)


3) Make Sure You Are Well

Just like the other MTB trails in Singapore, you will be responsible for ensuring you are fit and healthy. Please check your temperature before leaving for the trail and refrain from riding if you feel unwell. We do suggest riding with a tag holder buddy in case of an accident as they will be able to assist and call an ambulance if necessary.

4) Enter The Trail As Shown

Please only enter the trail at the Centaurs Carpark (near the far end of the Netball Courts). Please be conscious there maybe other sports / groups within the Carpark area. Please ensure you maintain safe distancing at all times and wear your mask around others, if not riding on the trail.


5) Check In & Check Out

To use the course you need to Check in / out for BOTH the Centaurs Sports Park and Jungle Cross Trail. Both QR codes are located at the start of the trail. While sports facilities are allowed up to 50 pax, we will be monitoring the number of riders to ensure it does not exceed 25 tag holders at any time.


6) Keep Your Distance on the Trail

Please try to keep a good distance - 10-20m from any rider in front of you. If you do catch up to a rider, yell out "rider up" so they can pull over at the next "Safe Distancing Bay" or on one of the "Safe Distancing Straights". Riders please be courteous and pull over to let faster riders through. If you are stopping for a prolonged period (eg mechanical), please head to the next safe distancing bay and use a mask.


7) Rendering Assistance

If you come across an individual who needs assistance - eg mechanical or accident, please use your mask and assist if necessary. If an ambulance is required, please tell the ambulance to head to the Netball courts. Please also call Rezza 8784 6703. or. Brent 9237 8652.


8) Ride at Your Own Risk

We do need to highlight this a jungle trail and there are unforeseen obstacles. There are also falling trees which mainly come down in torrential rain. While we do what we can to make the trail safe, by riding the trail you accept there are potential hazards that could cause a serious accident or death.


9) Junior Riders

We do provide a junior tag. Junior riders must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their well being while on the trail. 


10) Be Smart!

Please be sensible and practices safe distancing at all times - remember its for your own safety (and people are always watching you!)



Getting to Jungle Cross


Jungle Cross is located at the old Turf City. Access is via Bukit Timah Road. Please proceed past The Grandstand and head to the "Centaurs Pit" area located right next to the two netball courts (bright blue cement).


Jungle Cross Location  Jungle Cross Getting There

Jungle Cross main entrance


The New Course

2021 JC course

Current Schedule

Jungle Cross Tag Access Schedule

December 2020


1. Trail will be closed for racing on Dec 19th and Dec 20th

2. Trail may have reduec access on 18th Dec, in preparation for the weekend races

3. Trail is open Sunday 13th to all riders who have registered for the race, even if not holding access tags

2. There are many children's camps and events in the trails this month, from 12pm onwards, so it's really important that all riders are out by 1200, please !!!






12:00 Midday


For MTB only 


9:00 pm  Everyday For Trail Running only


* Heavy Rain / Fallen Trees may affect the trail and we can't always repair/clear in time.  Think of it as some natural obstacles :) 


Buying a Tag

Buying A Tag

You can purchase your tag online by clicking on this link

Payment is via Paypal or Paynow.

Registered Tag List


Registered Jungle Cross Tags


Your details may take a few days to be listed from your order.


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