Kent Ridge Carnival

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In collaboration with National Parks and the great trail builders of Kent Ridge, we are hosting a Downhill test event before the nationals in July. This is a great opportunity to come race an extended Kent Ridge downhill trail in a race environment. There will be a seeding round followed by the final run. As well as the downhill event we are also looking into the option of an elite XCO event at Kent Ridge on the same day. Early bird registration of $40 is no open.

Please Note: There is NO On-the-day Registration for this event. You MUST REGISTER ONLINE. Registration CLOSES 11 April @ 5pm.

Downhill Briefing & Start List - Click Here,   XCO Briefing and Start List - Click Here

Carnival Highlights

  • * Downhill Racing
  • * Test event for Nationals
  • * Giving Back to the Trail
  • * Various Categories
  • * Plus Elite XCO Race
  • * Limited Slots Available
  • * Early Bird Rate in Feb



Event Overview

Kent Ridge DownhillThe Kent Ridge Carnival is a test event for the upcoming Downhill Nationals in July. Pending final approvals the Kent Ridge Carnival on the 14th April will round of an exciting weekend of MTB action with Jungle Cross II scheduled for the 15th April.

The Kent Ridge Carnival will include two categories - an elite XCO race of 4 laps of Kent Ridge as well as the main event, the downhill racing. We have three categories for the downhillers - being Under 23, Open and Masters (40yrs+). The course will be the existing Kent Ridge Downhill run that has been developed over the years by a dedicated team of tireless volunteers. The run will be extended in the upper area to give a fast and fun start.

We encourage all downhillers to take the opportunity to sign up early (only $40) and secure your place in this exciting event (places will be limited based on time available). What's more, part of your entry fee will go into a trail maintenance fund so that the course can be improved for the National Downhill Championships in July.



Downhill Route

The proposed course (subjected to final approval) will start at the top of the walking path before heading into the existing downhill course that many riders know.

We are working with the team that maintains the track to determine the best course for the test event. The final decision will be made closer to the event, still allowing enough time for eager participants to come and try.

The course will be taped and ready on the Friday before the race, however, there will be no medical personnel on hand until race day itself.

Before the event, we will be seeking the community's help to come and join the regular trail builders who have worked tirelessly to improve the trail.

The majority of the proceeds from the April event will go back to a trail building fund so that the Kent Ridge trail can be further improved and maintained for the National Downhill Championships in July.

Kent Ridge Downhill Route

XCO Route

XCO Route

The proposed XCO route for the elite race will cover a very challenging 2.2km course around Kent Ridge. The XCO race will aim at providing the best riders in Singapore with a very demanding course that will bring out the champions across Open, Masters and Supermasters.


Kent Ridge Carnival Schedule

The schedule is provisional at this time. Updates will be made shortly.

RACE A - XCO - OPEN / Masters / Supermasters 






4 Laps



4 Laps



4 Laps

Prize Giving will be at approx 9:00am






All Participants Practice







1 Run

Under 23

1 Run


1 Run







1 Run

Under 23

1 Run


1 Run


Prize Giving for all Downhill categories will conclude after the last run.



Kent Ridge Location

Please note - under no circumstances are participants or spectators to park on the Vigilante Road itself. Any vehicles parked on this road will be towed away.

Kent Ridge Location 2


Frequently Asked Questions


Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're most welcome to drop us a question here.


Q: Can I register on the day?

A: No - You must register on the website and registration will be closing Thursday 6pm before each Sunday event. Final sign in and timing chip pickup will be on the day. You just need to come 40 minutes before the scheduled start of your race.


Q: How do I collect my Race Bib and Timing Chip?

A: Please be at the Centaurs Sports Park at least 40 minutes before your race to sign in and pick up your timing chip and race number.

Please note: Timing chips and race numbers must be returned after your race (they are worth $100 so we must get them back)


Q: Do I need a SCF  or UCI licence for this race?

A: We encourage you to purchase the SCF licence at $85 which includes insurance. The SCF licence is on a calendar year basis. If you are a recreational cyclists or new to the sport, you can compete in the SPORTS Category without a SCF licence. We do however strongly advise that you have some form of medal insurance that covers competitive sports.


Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and nontransferable.



Q: What setup do I need to enter the All Mountain Category?

A: Front Shocks of 140mm or more.


Q: Why are there so many SCF race categories yet only 3 races?

A: SCF is following the UCI categories that are recognised internationally. As we only have time for 3 races and many of the categories will have very small numbers, we need to group these categories. We can, however, include multiple waves in each race so that you don't all start at the same time.


Q: Does this mean there will be prizes for each SCF Category?

A: Yes and No. For the day's prize giving, we will recognise every SCF category that has 3 or more participants and have a podium presentation. As there are so many categories and numbers are unknown (this is the first year), we intend to present a "perpetual" trophy for the photo shots which is not kept by the individuals. At the end of the season, there will be trophies for the overall winners, 2nd and 3rd of each SCF category that has 3 or more points winners.

We are hoping to have sponsorship prizes for individual races and will update this page soon.


Q: How can I warm up before my race?

A: Please use surround roads (non-circuit) of Turf City and take caution and ensure you are back in time for your start time.


Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and ambulances on standby.


Q: I'd like to help out (volunteer) on the day - is that possible?

A: Absolutely - we always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.



Event T&C's

Event Terms and Conditions will be updated Shortly

Registration / Sign In

If there are slots left on race day, on the spot registration (at $60) will be available. 

Sign In for the event will be at the Cycosports tent after the Rent Ridge Carpark and the bicycle racks setup. All riders are required to sign in and collect their timing chip and race number before they enter the course.

Staging Area(s) - Pre & Start

There are two stage areas for the downhill event. The first is near the registration tent where riders will line up in respective order. The second is at the top of the course (near the start). Riders will be sent to the second staging area in groups of 5. As they will need to take the pedestrian part of the path, all riders should walk their bikes to the Start Staging Area.


Start Order

Riders will be call up to the start area in order (groups of 5). Each rider will then line up for their official start. Each rider will be sent off at one minute intervals, providing the course is clear.



Kent Ridge Carnival - 14 April 2018 - Downhill Participant List

Kent Ridge Carnival - 14 April 2018 - XCO Participant List