Only Applicable to Tour de Barelang Saturday 14 May 2016


Dear Participants



New Route Tour de BarelangWhy the Change in Route?


Due to ongoing construction works after the 6th Bridge, we have decided that it is not safe to go beyond this point. Rather than shorten the race we have opted for a new route that includes a road we have used before in our Gran Fondo event in 2014.


The New Course  See Strava Route


The start of the race “proper” is along the Barelang Road, where the dual carriageway turns into one. The new route means all Pelotons will turn left at approximately 50km and proceed down the Sembulang Road to the coast.


The road was inspected today and with the exception of one small area, is in good condition. The small area is shown here and is marked. At the coast, each peloton will take a clockwise route around the village. There is one hump along the village which we have painted. The village has been informed and is in agreement with the approach.

 Turning Point


To increase safety we are targetingg to release the Pelotons at 7:45 (Cat 2), 8:05 (Cat 1) and 8:20 (Cat 3). By reordering the Pelotons we ensure that the two largest Pelotons do not cross each other early in the race down the Sembulang Road.


During the Sembulang Road diversion, lead Police Bikes will also have their sirens on. If you hear another Peloton approaching, please take extra care and ENSURE YOU ARE ON THE CORRECT SIDE OF THE ROAD. At the turn back onto the main road, there is a water stop for those that are not with a Peloton. Once back on the main road the route continues to the Sixth Bridge.


The turn for home is immediately after the Sixth Bridge. The second water stop is located approximately 1.5km back towards the finish.


Thanks again for reading the update and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


Team Cycosports