Rider Support

To make for a successful and safe race requires a great deal of help from many parties. 

Safety is our priority and medical support is critical to ensure safety on the course and appropriate action taken in the event of an accident. We have a highly skilled and professional medical team. 

On the race course mechanical support is a key factor. Cycosports employs experienced racing cyclists some of whom are state and national racing and mountain bike cyclists as part of the ground crew at its races. These guys are aware of the urgency of getting our customers back into the race as quickly as possible.

We believe that all our paying customers are entitled to the same level of service no matter what category they are racing in. Consequently we will continue to endeavour to provide on the road water support to all riders who are still in a race and to provide highest quality electrolytes and nutrition for all riders.

We are very grateful to all volunteers who make up the cycosports team.

We are constantly amazed at the level of goodwill we receive and welcome anyone who would like to volunteer and be part of  a future Cycosport race. Its is a lot of fun. Become a Volunteer