Choosing a Race Category

For selected races, Cycosports follows a grade system (rather than the typical age categories). This is useful for developing talent and giving more competitive / safer racing to the community.

How Do I Get / Choose My Grade?

In 2019 Singapore Cycling Federation and the cycling community have implemented a road grading system for selected criteriums and road races. The idea is a person can race in a grade with "like ability" riders making the event more competotive and safer for all.

When a rider receives their 2019 SCF license they will also receive a Race Grade. If a rider does not have a 2019 license and the particular race allows racing without a license (eg Tour de Barelang), then the rider is free to select the grade that best suits their ability.* 

* If Cycosports receives sufficient feedback that a rider is "sandbagging" they will be requested to move up a grade. 

To follow is a summary of the grade categories available for racing. If you are new or unsure please enter Grade C or D.  Alternatively please do visit Athlete Lab who can help review your cycling fitness and recommend the best category.

Peloton 1: Grade A

  • Average Peloton speed (flat 100km ride) 40-42km/h
  • Very experienced cyclist with strong endurance base and acceleration capacity
  • Very good bike handling skills, race rules and peloton etiquette
  • Has competed at a high level in several strong amateur competitions in the region or abroad.
  • Weekly Riding: over 300km 

Peloton 2: Grade B

  • Average Peloton speed (flat 100km ride) 38-40km/h
  • Experienced cyclist with solid endurance base
  • Good bike handling skills, race rules and peloton etiquette
  • Takes part regularly in local competitions and weekly group training rides.
  • Weekly Riding: 200-300km 

Peloton 3: Grade C (and good D riders)

  • Average Peloton speed (flat 100km ride) 36km/h
  • Good cyclist with decent endurance base
  • May not have competed in races before, but good bike handling skills and peloton etiquette.
  • Weekly Riding: 100-200km per week


Changing Pelotons / Grades

In most cases we will allow a cyclist to change their category before the start of the race. If close to the race date, there maybe a small admin fee to do. In some cases the request maybe declined as the race category is already fully subscribed.

Cycosports management reserves the right to place cyclists in a different category/grade than what they registered for, based on recommendations from federations, Clubs, or cycling race results from the past 12 months.