Medical Support

Cycosports have a total commitment to customer health and safety. The basis of any good race is safety and this will always be our highest concern.

By its very nature cycle racing has associated risks but through a through risk review process, Cycosports endeavours to minimise the risks where we can.

A primary element of our health and safety plan is to provide professionals to deal with emergencies. Our races are supported by a qualified and professional medical team of paramedics and well-equipped ambulances.

Each race has a centralised medical centre. Each peloton in turn will have a dedicated ambulance in support plus a fully equipped medic who will be in the support van. In the event of a casualty the rider will be assessed on the scene by the medic and if necessary brought to the medical centre up for assessment and treatment.

In the event of a more serious case the race doctor will decide the necessary course of action whether treatment at a local hospital or medevac to Singapore for treatment in a Singaporean hospital.

In order to facilitate any medevac via ferry Cycosports will retain rider’s passports during the race to enable an unimpeded medevac process.

Medical Insurance

It is the responisbility of each participant to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage. NTUC have developed a one day insurance policy for Cycosports at justr SG$12, covering both Race and Gran Fondo events managed by Cycosports. If you do not have any insurance to cover you in the case of medical emergency, we request that you take the NTUC covereage for the day.