Neutral Wheels


  • Please come to the event with your bike prepared and ready
  • Mechanics will be available before the starts for last minute adjustments.
  • Any product other than tubes will be chargeable - eg chains, race tires etc
  • Support by mechanics during the event will be to those still with the main pelotons.
  • We do encourage you to bring a spare tube & multi tool in case you are dropped.

Wheel Support

  • Neutral wheels are provided for all race events
  • In the case of Grand Fondos limited extra wheels are avilable and the mechanic may choose to replace your tube in the case of a puncture
  • If your team members are riding tubulars we strongly suggest providing a set of neutral wheels as we may not be able to support you
  • Once a cyclist has taken a neutral wheel, his/her wheel may be repaired by the mechanic in the vehicle and used for other cyclists should the mechanic run out of neutral wheels.
  • The event organiser and contractors will take good care of the wheels, but are not liable for any damage to wheels carried in the event vehicles, or wheels used as neutral wheels by other cyclists.
  • Cyclists that are dropped from their peloton will not have bike mechanic support and in cases where repair by the individual is not possible, must wait for the sweeper truck for pick up.
  • After the event, neutral wheels must be returned to the mechanics area located next to the bike drop off area.