Water Support

Pre-Ride Drink Support

  • Participants are advised to start the race with 2 full drink bottles
  • Water and isotonic refills (not bottles) will be available at the start area prior to the event start

Mobile Drink Support

  • Mobile drink support will be provided for each category’s lead peleton via motorbikes
  • The mobile support will be available from the 12km onwards
  • The drink bottles are handed out at the rear of the peloton (or breakaway) only
  • It is the cyclist’s responsibility to move to the back of the peloton to request a drink bottle
  • A cyclist may no longer have mobile drink support if dropped from the peleton, however there will be roaming motorbikes and static drink stations
  • Team or personal support vehicles are not allowed
  • Littering is not allowed and empty bottles should be exchanged for full bottles

Static Drink Support

  • Drink stations are located on the course to support or replace mobile drink support in the case of circuits
  • In the case of mobile drink support, the drink stations are aimed at those riders who have been dropped from the main peloton
  • Riders will need to come to a complete stop at the drink station
  • A limited number of replacement bottles will be available; however, plenty of water and isotonic refills will be provided.