Jungle Cross 2017
Jungle Cross 2017
Jungle Cross 2017
Jungle Cross 2017
Jungle Cross 2017

Jungle Cross IV 2017


15 Oct 2017

The 4th Jungle Cross promises to be a great race with further improvements to the course over the summer break. It's a perfect time to come try the...

Jungle Cross IV 2017


15 Oct 2017

The 4th Jungle Cross promises to be a great race with further improvements to the course over the summer break. It's a perfect time to come try the new features of the course and match your skills against Singapore's best.

The Jungle Cross Series is for the whole family, with entertainment and food to keep everyone happy while the races are underway. Unsure? Come on down and check out the action for yourself. The Jungle Cross Series will be held at the private Centaurs Jungle Trail, Turf City, Bukit Timah. 

Please Note: On-the-day registration, will be at $60 for all events, except for the Kids Skills Classes and Races (Under 12) at $15



Centaurs Group owns and operates the Centaurs Sports Park at Turf City, Bukit Timah. 


Activities offered:

  • * Centaurs Rugby Club
  • * Centaurs Touch Club
  • * Kids parties and camps
  • * Sports event management
  • * Sports field hire
  • * Team building events


Jungle Cross

Cycosports and Centaurs have come together to create the 2017 Jungle Cross series, that will allow individuals to race in various MTB categories as well as a separate Cyclo-Cross race category.

The Race Series

The series will consist of the following races that will run throughout the year on dates that do not clash with other major road or mtb cycling events. The proposed dates are:

  • 12 Feb
  • 23 Apr
  • 9 Jul
  • 13 Aug (Training Clinic)
  • 15 Oct
  • 12 Nov

Note:  Dates may change due to clashes or poor weather conditions (haze).  Each race will be confirmed and open for registration one month before. Please do let us know if there is a potential clash in the calendar.


14 Categories

In 2017 there will be 14 categories, of which 13 will received points towards the 2017 National Points Series. Depending on numbers, various categories will be grouped together in various races, with potential for multiple starting waves in each race (again depending on the numbers).

For full details of the 2017 National Points Series please click here.

In addition to the 14 categories defined by SCF, we will also aim to include groups like Fatbikes within the competition.

Further details will be announced closer to competition dates.

More Sponsors / More Fun

In 2017 we aim to build on the momentum and would like to hear from any organisation or group that would like to help sponsor the Jungle Cross series.

Potential sponsors could include companies providing financial support as well as sponsors of products in kind for prizes and participants.







Jungle Cross Race Routes

In 2017 we will have two main race courses and the Eliminator course.


Sport Course

The sport course is basically the 2016 course with some tweaking / additional single trail components. It's aimed at the Cyclocross riders as well as MTB riders who are perhaps not as confident but still want a great challenge.

 Jungle Cross Sport Course

The setup of the race circuit will follow UCI guidelines and include a feed zone and staging area.



Pro Course

The long circuit includes newly developed and improved sections of single trails, 2 new downhills with mouth-watering switchbacks as appetisers.

Jungle Cross Pro Course


The Pro course is now 4km in length (UCI XC) and provides great challenges for even the most experienced XC and All Mountain riders. It's more technical but still loads of fun.


XC Eliminator Course


Jungle Cross XC Eliminator Course

The XC Eliminator course is a short 880m race course for 4 up XC elimination races. The course has been designed to test the skills and stamina of the riders on a short and exciting course.


The Cross-country eliminator (XCE) is a new mountain bike race format in which four riders compete against each other in each heat, similar to Four-cross. The two fastest riders get to the next round while the two slower riders are eliminated from the race. The format differs from the classic cross-country race in its sprint character and the separation of the race into heats. The 500m - 1000m short track itself is similar to XC tracks, going uphill and downhill.


Jungle Cross Race Schedule


RACE A – Short Course - 2km Circuit





Cyclo Cross Open

4 Laps


MTB Sport

4 Laps


MTB - All Women's Categories except Women's Open

4 Laps


MTB - Junior B

4 Laps

Prize Giving for Race A will be before 10am 


RACE B – Long Course - 4km Circuit





MTB Men’s SuperMasters

4 Laps


MTB Men's Juniors A & MTB Women's Open

4 Laps


All Mountain + FatBikes

3 Laps


RACE C – Long Course 4km Circuit





MTB Men's Open

5 Laps


MTB Men's Masters

4 Laps

Prize Giving for Race B & C will be after the completion of Race C (est 12 noon) 


Kid's Sports Clinic






Kids Clinic Starts


Break / Relax


Kid's Fun Races


Kids Sports Clinic

Youth (12 and Under) are invited to attend a 1 hour sports clinic conducted by SCF certified MTB coaches. After the hour session, there will also be a "fun" kids race on the top paddock / skills area. The fun races will be grouped according to the numbers and ages that attend. The cost for entry is only $15 and can be booked online or 15 minutes before the start of the day's session. For full details of the Kid's Sports Clinic click here.


XC Eliminator (Open) 

As this is a trial event there will only be one category for all participants including Juniors and Women.




Race Qualifying / Seeding


Round 1 Starts


Round 2 Starts


Round 3 Starts - The Finals


16,24,32 Places Available

Depending on the number of entrants, we will setup the eliminator for 3 (maybe 4) rounds. After the initial seeding round, each race will consist of 4 riders with the top 2 riders going through to the next round. The final 4 riders will battle it out for the podium, with the 4 losers from the previous round battling it out for placings 5-8.

The course will be under one kilometer and include obstacles, two decent and two climbs. The course provides spectator viewing and will be action packed with rider's battling for the top two places.



Getting to Jungle Cross


Jungle Cross is located at the old Turf City. Access is via Bukit Timah Road. Please proceed past The Grandstand and head to the "Centaurs Pit" area located right next to the two netball courts (bright blue cement).


Jungle Cross Location  Jungle Cross Getting There


Frequently Asked Questions


Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're most welcome to drop us a question here.


Q: Can I register on the day?

A: No - You must register on the website and registration will be closing Thursday 6pm before each Sunday event. Final sign in and timing chip pickup will be on the day. You just need to come 40 minutes before the scheduled start of your race.


Q: How do I collect my Race Bib and Timing Chip?

A: Please be at the Centaurs Sports Park at least 40 minutes before your race to sign in and pick up your timing chip and race number.

Please note: Timing chips and race numbers must be returned after your race (they are worth $100 so we must get them back)


Q: Do I need a SCF  or UCI licence for this race?

A: We encourage you to purchase the SCF licence at $85 which includes insurance. The SCF licence is on a calendar year basis. If you are a recreational cyclists or new to the sport, you can compete in the SPORTS Category without a SCF licence. We do however strongly advise that you have some form of medal insurance that covers competitive sports.


Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and nontransferable.


Q: Why are there so many SCF race categories yet only 3 races?

A: SCF is following the UCI categories that are recognised internationally. As we only have time for 3 races and many of the categories will have very small numbers, we need to group these categories. We can, however, include multiple waves in each race so that you don't all start at the same time.


Q: Does this mean there will be prizes for each SCF Category?

A: Yes and No. For the day's prize giving, we will recognise every SCF category that has 3 or more participants and have a podium presentation. As there are so many categories and numbers are unknown (this is the first year), we intend to present a "perpetual" trophy for the photo shots which is not kept by the individuals. At the end of the season, there will be trophies for the overall winners, 2nd and 3rd of each SCF category that has 3 or more points winners.

We are hoping to have sponsorship prizes for individual races and will update this page soon.


Q: How can I warm up before my race?

A: Please use surround roads (non-circuit) of Turf City and take caution and ensure you are back in time for your start time.


Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and ambulances on standby.


Q: I'd like to help out (volunteer) on the day - is that possible?

A: Absolutely - we always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.



Event T&C's

Feed Zone

In 2017 there will be a new feedzone area. Supporters should only use this area to support their riders.


Staging Area

This year there will be a defined staging area which riders for the next race can gather and get ready for their race. In this way riders are more prepared for their race and there is less time needed between the start of each new race / wave. 


Pull Out

If you are lapped by the lead rider, the marshals can pull you out of the race, depending on the number of riders still participating. You will be advised to "pull out" just before the start / finish, however you can go through the Start / Finish gantry to record the lap and immediately pull out after this.


Category Placings

Even if you do not finish the race, we will "place" you according to how many laps you completed and the time. In this way if riders fail to complete all their laps due to time constraints, they will still have a recorded placing that is fair.

Cycosports XC Eliminator


Qualifying / Seeding Round

  • At least 12 riders must be entered for the qualifying round, otherwise XCE event may be cancelled.
  • The qualifying / seeding round takes the form of an individual timed run of one lap of the course.
  • The best 16 riders (4x4) go through to the main event.
  • In case of a tie between riders during the qualifying round, lots are drawn to determine their order.


Main event

The main event comprises elimination heats in which the groups of riders are matched as shown in the attached table.

Intentional contact by pushing, pulling or other means which causes another competitor to slow down, fall or exit the course is not allowed and results in disqualification (DSQ) of the originator.

At the sole discretion of the commissaires’ panel, a rider can be announced relegated (REL) and will be given a heat position different to that of his actual finish.

Riders who are DNF, DSQ or DNS in the semi finals may not enter the small final.

The final classification of the competition is drawn up in groups in the following order:

  1. All riders competing in the big final, except for riders DSQ.
  2. All riders competing in the small final, except for riders DSQ.
  3. Riders DNF or DNS in the semi finals.
  4. The classification of the other riders is determined by the round reached, then by the classification in their heat, then by their race number.

Within each of the above mentioned groups, riders DNF are classified before DNS. In case of multiple DNF or DNS, the tiebreaker is the race number.

Riders DNF or DNS in the first round of the main event are listed without classification.

Riders DSQ in the main event are listed without classification.

Riders not qualified for the main event are not listed in the final classification.

In case of DSQ, the next riders will move up in the final classification. For example in case of a DSQ in the big final, the winner of the small final will be classified fourth in the final classification.

Specific Rules

A start grid must be drawn on the ground. The riders must be lined up next to each other on one line. The riders in each heat may choose their starting position in order the finish position in the previous round. The rider with the lowest time from the previous round gets first choice.





XC Eliminator

Check out what the XC Eliminator is all about


What's the Jungle Cross All About?

Take a look at a snippet of the 2016 course in action


Provisional Rider List