URA Car Free Sunday - Share the Road Criterium Series
URA Car Free Sunday - Share the Road Criterium Series
URA Car Free Sunday - Share the Road Criterium Series
URA Car Free Sunday - Share the Road Criterium Series
URA Car Free Sunday - Share the Road Criterium Series


In association with the Singapore Cycling Federation and URA, Cycosports is happy to announce the trial of criterium racing as part of the URA Care Free Sundays. The trial is scheduled to kick-off at the 22 January event (pending final permit approvals).

The idea is to utilise the 1.7km Cecil / Robinson Road circuit from 6:00am to 7:30am with a half hour public transition to the opening of the official opening of the circuit at 8:00am. This is a great opportunity for the competitive cycling community to show case what bicycle racing is all about.

For the January event, there will be two 40 minute races of approximately 15 laps each. The first race (6:00am) will see the Juniors heading off first with a separate sub-race being the Women's open (starting 20 seconds behind). The second race (6:45am) will be a Men's Open event for 40 riders, selected partially on merit as well as 15 slots randomly selected if numbers of entries are over 40. Selection for the open event will be on the 16th January in conjunction with SCF.



Volunteers and Sponsors

These are non-profit events so we will be asking for the support of the larger cycling community to assist. We really need the support of the community in terms of volunteers as well as sponsors (monetary or products).

While the event is early, the streets are well lighted, so we hope the Singapore cycling community will come down and support / cheer on their fellow riders. It's only through showing that we have a vibrant and sharing cycling scene, will more opportunities come to the competitive cycling scene.


Beyond January

If we can collectively show the Singapore cycling community needs and wants regular criterium races that can attract a good spectator following from cyclists and the public, then we have a good chance of being a regular feature of the URA Car Free Sundays.




Singapore Cycling Federation





The Criterium Course


(Pending Final Approval) 

1.7km Circuit of Fast Downtown Roads!

An awesome opportunity to race downtown, surrounded by the towering office blocks and iconic landmarks of Singapore. The circuit will follow the same direction as the URA Car Free Sunday route which officially opens to the general public at 8am on the Sunday morning.


URA Car Free Sunday Share the Road Criterium


Further Details of Access Points and Rider Assembly Point etc will be announced once permits are approved.


Morning Schedule

TimeCategoryDurationEntry FeeMax Entries
5:30 Race One Riders gather McCallum / Cecil Street      
Race One Riders Briefing      
6:00 Race Once (Junior and Women's) Starts  15 Laps $65:00   40
6:40 Race One Ends      
6:15 Race Two Riders gather McCallum / Cecil Street      
6:30 Race Two Riders Briefing      
6:45 Race Two (Men's Open) Starts 15 Laps $65:00  40
7:25 Race Two Ends      
7:30 Circuit CLOSED for all Racing
7:40 Prize Giving - Race One and Two      
8:00 URA Car Free Sunday - Flag Off (Padang)      

Frequently Asked Questions


Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're most welcome to drop us a question here.


Q: Can I register on the day?

A: No - You must register on the website and registration will be closing a few days before the event. Payment and pickup of the chip / race pack will be the week before so that all race participants are ready to race on time.


Q: Do I need a SCF  or UCI licence for this race?

A: Membership and insurance purchased are on a calendar year basis. Anyone who wants to participate in SCF races in 2017 will have to purchase the 2017 UCI or SCF Licence.


Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and nontransferable.


Q: Why are not all race categories represented?

A: We only have the circuit for 90 minutes so we need to be realistic. We are hoping we can make this a monthly event.


Q: How can I warm up before my race?

A: Please use surround roads (non-circuit) and take caution and ensure you are back in time for your start time.


Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and ambulances on standby.


Q: I'd like to help out (volunteer) on the day - is that possible?

A: Absolutely - we always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.





What are Criteriums?

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