OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2019, Individual Time Trial
OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2019, Individual Time Trial
OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2019, Individual Time Trial
OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2019, Individual Time Trial
OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2019, Individual Time Trial

OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2019, Individual Time Trial

Time Trial


30 Jun 2019

It’s time to see who the fastest individuals are in Singapore. In an individual ITT there is no hiding, it’s pure power, stamina and de...

OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2019, Individual Time Trial

Time Trial


30 Jun 2019

It’s time to see who the fastest individuals are in Singapore. In an individual ITT there is no hiding, it’s pure power, stamina and determination that will win the day.




In 2019 the Individual Time Trial (ITT) will see riders challenging each other over a proposed 32.8km course (22.8km for Junior B), that is flat and fast. Until actual road closure times are approved, the event will initially only be open to SCF/UCI categories where riders and bicycles have full UCI compliance.

If the requested road closure times are approved, the event could be extended to allow a Sports (non UCI) category to also partake.

Any updates on road closures will communicated here and on Facebook.



The ITT  Course

The proposed route has now been approved and is the same 10.8km loop used for the TTT and utilises the southern three lanes of the Tanah Merah Coast Road.

ITT Route

Team Tents

Setup will be in the same location as the TTT. Please drop-off your tent on the corner, then go park your car in the proper car park.



Pending approval, we are looking to utilise the Changi Exhibition Centre Carpark.






ITT Distances

ITT Distances

Category Men (kms) Women (kms) UCI Points
Junior B (13-16 yrs) Gear Lock 22.8 22.8  
Junior A (17-18 yrs) Gear Lock 32.8 32.8 Yes
Under 23 (19-22 yrs) 32.8 32.8 Yes
Open (23 yrs +) 32.8 32.8 Yes
Masters (30-44 yrs) 32.8 32.8  
Super Masters (45 - 54yrs) 32.8 32.8  
Veterans (55 yrs+) 32.8 32.8  

Frequently Asked Questions


Please check the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're most welcome to drop us a question here.

Q: Do I need a SCF or UCI license for this race?

A: Yes, for the ITT the categories available need either a SCF or UCI license. You can, during registration, purchase a “day license” at $15 which also gives you Insurance for the event. Participants are strongly encouraged to purchase the annual SCF license.

Q: Can a NTS Rider enter the Sports Category?

A: No - NTS riders must ride the Elite Categories.

Q. Where do I pick up my Race Pack?

A. As people are staggered throughout the morning, the license verification and race pack collection will be onsite at the event. Please allow extra time for collection and placement of chip, bib and seatpost sticker.


Q. Is there a Race Briefing?

A. There will be a pdf race briefing and a simple powerpoint video race briefing published the week before the event.


Q. Do I need race Insurance?

A. Yes, you can purchase insurance as part of your annual license or with the day license. You also have the option of sourcing your own external insurance plan.


Q: Does my bike, equipment and clothing need to be UCI legal for the event?

A. If you are riding an Elite or Junior category your bike does need to follow UCI rules and setup. If you are riding the Sports category, your clothing must follow UCI rules.


Q: Where do I find details of the UCI rules for TT Bikes, Equipment and Clothing?

A. Please see the following links - TBC by SCF Commissaires


Q: Can I check my bike is legally setup before the event itself?

A. Yes – SCF will be providing a time/location to check bicycles before the event day. Details to follow.


Q. On the day what happens if my bike is checked and not UCI compliant for the Elite categories?

A. You will be stressed and probably not deliver your best performance. You will need to quickly see the mechanic and change your setup. Please allow sufficient time to do so. We strongly suggest if in an Elite or Junior category, you get your bike checked before the event.


Q. How long before my start time should I arrive?

A. We recommend 45 minutes to allow yourself enough time to check your bike and prepare yourself. It also gives you an opportunity to see the times being recorded by the other riders.


Q. If actual starts are behind schedule can I assume my start will be pushed back?

A. No – Please be ready by your scheduled start time regardless. Often we can make up time with "no shows" or reducing planned gaps between waves.


Q. Will my actual start ever be before my scheduled start?

A. No – We will always keep to the published schedule.


Q. When will we know the race results?

A. Results will be published on a TV screen at the registration tent. Please note that these are PROVISIONAL until approved by the commissaires.


Q. Can I draft in this event?

A. No this is a UCI Team Time Trial so the only drafting is between your team of 2 or 4. Any drafting of other teams will mean disqualification.


Q. Can I protest the results?

A. Yes you can, within 15 minutes of the results coming in. Please see the registration tent for a protest form.


Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and can’t be cancelled. We will accept transfers (until 5pm 14 June) if you are unable to compete due to injury.


Q: Can I change my race category later?

A: No, please think carefully before choosing your category.


Q: How can I warm up before my race?

A: Please use the surrounding roads and take caution as these will be open roads. Please ensure you are back within 15-20 minutes of your scheduled start.


Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and an ambulance on standby.


Q: I'd like to help out (volunteer) on the day - is that possible?

A: Absolutely - we always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.

UCI Legal Bike

UCI Legal Bike


Measure Your Bike Early

It’s important that your bike is UCI legal and set up for the Time Trial based on UCI specifications. We do advise all riders to set up their bike according to the UCI well in advance of the competition because:

  • Doing it on the day will be stressful for you
  • Mechanics may not be available
  • You may miss your start (Your time will still be recorded based on the scheduled start)
  • You may be disqualified
  • If you do start, your bike will be a new setup and you may not feel comfortable.


The Steps Completed by the Commissaires

Please ensure you are at the Commissaire area at least 45 minutes before your start time.

  1. Check the rider’s UCI/SCF Card ID
  2. Check the weight of the bike (> 6.8kg)
  3. Check if the bike is UCI Certified (by the UCI Sticker) – if not:Check the geometry / ratios of the bike*
  4. Check for flaring  / components that add aerodynamic advantage*
  5. Check for water bottles behind the seat (not allowed)
  6. Check for water bottles attached to extension bars (not allowed)
  7. Checking for bike setup on a Bike Measurement JigSaddle Position, Length & Angle Position
    1. Extensions – Length, Height, Width
    2. Wheel Size, Wheel Base
    3. BB Position / Height
    4. Check rider height (if requesting >190cm extension)
  8. Check the Rider’s clothing, helmet & equipment
    1. Compliant Helmet (Aero or Normal)
    2. Sleeved jersey must be worn
    3. Ankle Socks (no compression socks)
    4. Shoe Covers are allowed
    5. Check Camelback if used
    6. Check any cameras / computer device


UCI Technical Regulations

This is quite a detailed subject. If you are worried about an aspect of your bike, please review the UCI technical regulations here or contact SCF.

 ITT Setup


A: Saddle 5cm Behind the BB, Extensions Less than 75cm

This is the ideal setup and quickest to get Commissaire clearance on.


B: Saddle Position Morphology and Exceptions (Smaller Rider)

As noted above, the regulation indicates the saddle must be 5 cm behind this line for most events. A smaller rider can move their saddle forward of this position, but no further forward than the centre of the bottom bracket and must have their handlebar measuring point at a maximum of 75cm from this point.


C: Handlebar Extension Morphology (Taller Rider)

If a rider is taller and has his saddle tip 5cm behind the centre of the bottom bracket, he is allowed, if required, to extend the measuring point of the handlebar extensions out to 80cm.  


D: Very Tall Riders > 190cm

For riders that are 190 cm tall or taller, the horizontal distance of the extensions may be extended to 85 cm but only if the saddle tip remains at least 5cm behind the centre of the bottom bracket.

Riders will be measured (>190cm) in sock soles with no headgear.



Handlebar Extensions Measurements


ITT Extensions


Have 20 Minutes to Spare?

If you are keen to know more details of how the commissaires measure your bike, please take a look at this very detailed video by the Spanish Cycling Federation.




Bike Measurement FAQ’s

Q. My bike does not have a UCI sticker on it. Can I still use it?
A. It depends on the geometry of the bike. For example, some Triathlon bikes are built in such a way they don’t have a traditional frame geometry and will not be allowed. Others may have tube ratios that exceed the UCI limitations 3:1 and provide an unfair aerodynamic advantage. For full details from the UCI click here.



Q. So if my bike has the UCI sticker, then everything is good and I can race it as is?
A. So if it is certified by the UCI, then all you need to worry about is that setup follows the UCI specifications.

For example, some UCI bikes can be set up so they are UCI compliant and yet another setup means they are not, depending on the seatpost position.






Individual Time Trials

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