OCBC Cycle National MTB Championships 2018 – XCO, ALL MTN and CX
OCBC Cycle National MTB Championships 2018 – XCO, ALL MTN and CX
OCBC Cycle National MTB Championships 2018 – XCO, ALL MTN and CX
OCBC Cycle National MTB Championships 2018 – XCO, ALL MTN and CX
OCBC Cycle National MTB Championships 2018 – XCO, ALL MTN and CX

OCBC Cycle National MTB Championships 2018 – XCO, AL MTN and CX



22 Jul 2018
We are excited to announce the 2018 MTB and Cyclo-Cross Nationals will be held at the Centaurs Jungl...

OCBC Cycle National MTB Championships 2018 – XCO, AL MTN and CX



22 Jul 2018
We are excited to announce the 2018 MTB and Cyclo-Cross Nationals will be held at the Centaurs Jungle Cross course at Turf City Bukit Timah. The MTB course is a challenging 3.8km and will feature all MTB categories as well as the All Mountain Open. A shorter, specifically designed Cyclo-Cross course will host the CX riders in an open event.





NationalsWe have a full day of MTB and CX racing planned for Sunday 22 July. All MTB categories across both genders will be racing. There will also be a separate All Mountain Open and of course the Cyclo-Cross Open.


The Centaurs Jungle Cross course (located at Turf City Bukit Timah) has been developed and expanded over the last two years. The 3.8km course has many unique features with a combination of single trails, fire trails, open fields and single roads. The track has technical areas, climbs and drops as well as long straights to overtake.


Turf City is a perfect location for the Nationals. There is ample tentage to keep out of the sun, nearby shops for food, and a great carnival atmosphere to watch the day’s racing. There is ample parking at the course and nearby at the Giant Car Park.



Sport Course



The route for the MTB and All Mountain events will follow the Pro course that has been used in the Jungle Cross I & II events this year. There will be some subtle refinements for the Nationals to improve the flow and safety, but overall it is the same course.


Jungle Cross I - Pro Course



National CX Route

For the Cyclo-Cross Open we are developing a shorter course that brings into play more elements related to CX type events.

We are aiming to give you a CX course that emulates those found around the world with a Singapore / Jungle element thrown in.






Final Laps and Distances to be Confirmed


Category Men (kms) Course Laps Women (km) Course Laps SCF Points UCI Points
Junior B (13-16 yrs) 12 Sport 4 12 Sport 4 Yes  
Junior A (17-18 yrs) 14 Pro 4 12 Sport 4 Yes Yes
Under 23 (19-22 yrs) 21 Pro 6 18 Pro 5 Yes Yes
Open (23 yrs +) 21 Pro 6 18 Pro 5 Yes Yes
Masters (35-44 yrs) 14 Pro 4 12 Sport 4 Yes  
Super Masters (45 yrs +)  18 Pro 4 12 Sport 4 Yes  
All Mountain (17 yrs +)* 11 Pro 3 11 Pro 3 Yes  
Cyclo Cross (17 yrs +)* 18 CX Yes  
* Riders below 17 maybe eligible to race based on experience and parental consent


The final schedule will be posted once numbers can be estimated.


Getting to Jungle Cross


Jungle Cross is located at the old Turf City. Access is via Bukit Timah Road. Please proceed past The Grandstand and head to the "Centaurs Pit" area located right next to the two netball courts (bright blue cement).


Jungle Cross Location  Jungle Cross Getting There


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Please check the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're most welcome to drop us a question here.


Q. I don’t have a license – how do I get one?
A. You can either buy an SCF annual license, or purchase a day license (which includes insurance) as part of the registration at $15. However, this option is subjected to a minimum of 30 day-license sign-ups for an event. If there are insufficient numbers, registrants who opted for the day license will be notified to buy an annual SCF license instead.


Q. What Exactly is the All Mountain Category?
A. Riders with a bike of 130mm travel or more with Full Suspension. This category also allows certified Fat Bikes to compete.

Q. Can I try the circuit before the event?
A. The Centaurs Jungle Cross is on private land. We will seek permission from Centaurs to open up the Pro Course to riders in the weeks before the event. Details (once approved) will be posted here as well as Facebook.


Q: Can I sign up for multiple categories – eg Open and Super Masters?
A: You can sign up to ONE (1) MTB category, as well as the All Mountain and Cyclo-Cross races if you have the energy and times, do not clash.


Q. What if there is fewer than 3 in my category – do we still get to the podium?
A: Yes.


Q. Will there be a feed zone and mechanical area?
A. Yes located in the Centaur Tent areas.


Q. Will riders be placed on the start line according to their SCF points for the year?
A. Yes – details will be announced shortly.


Q. Will the “80% Pull-Out” rule be used at the Nationals?
A. Yes – The rule will be deployed at the discretion of the Commissaires depending on field size.


Q. Where will I be pulled out if the “80% Pull-Out” rule be used?
A. To be fair to riders, the pullout will be located shortly after the Finish Line ((so your last lap can be recorded)


Q. If I am pulled out by the Commissaires, will I get a placing?
A. Yes unless disqualified (DSQ) or you pull out yourself (DNF)


Q. Can I fix my bike out of the Mechanical Zone?
A. No, you risk disqualification if you do so


Q. Can supporters pass me water/food outside of the feed zone?
A. No, you will risk disqualification if you do so


Q. Can I bend my number plate / tuck it under?
A. No, you will risk disqualification if you do so


Q. Is there room for a team tent?
A. Yes there will be an area for team tents


Q. Can I display a sponsor tent or sponsor flags etc?
A. Only if cleared and approved by Cycosports / SCF at least one week before the event.


Q. Will there be medics on-hand?
A. Yes, two ambulances will be in place for the National Event.


Q. Where are the nearest Toilets?
A. There are toilets at Turf City. Cycosports will also organize Portaloos for the event.


Q. Is there a place to wash my Bike?
A. Yes, there are two racks and two hoses setup for bike/people washing.


Q. I would like to sponsor prizes for the winners. Is this possible?
A. Yes absolutely and we will make sure you get great recognition for supporting the community.


Event T&C's

Feed Zone

There will be a new feedzone area. Supporters should only use this area to support their riders.


Staging Area

This year there will be a defined staging area which riders for the next race can gather and get ready for their race. In this way riders are more prepared for their race and there is less time needed between the start of each new race / wave.


Pull Out

If you are lapped by the lead rider, the marshals can pull you out of the race, depending on the number of riders still participating. You will be advised to "pull out" just before the start / finish, however you can go through the Start / Finish gantry to record the lap and immediately pull out after this.


Category Placings

Even if you do not finish the race, we will "place" you according to how many laps you completed and the time. In this way if riders fail to complete all their laps due to time constraints, they will still have a recorded placing that is fair.



What's the Jungle Cross All About?

Take a look at a snippet of the 2016 course in action


Clothing Requirements

  • There is no restriction on advertising that may appear on clothing, helmets or equipment used by the rider (except for the race number plate) at any level of mountain bike racing in Singapore. The only exception is the National Team, National Champion and World Championship jerseys that must comply with the relevant UCI regulations.
  • UCI Jersey Visual Guidelines – http://www.uci.ch/inside-uci/rules-and-regulations/regulations/
  • Bicycle helmets that satisfy the current international standards are compulsory in all SCF sanctioned events. 
  • Helmets must be fastened at all times whilst on a bicycle.
  • Helmets must be in good condition and fit for purpose.
  • All helmets used will be inspected for compliance as determined by the presence of an appropriate compliance sticker.
  • Closed toe footwear must be worn at all times while practicing and competing in SCF events.
  • Singlets must not be worn while practicing or competing at SCF events.
  • Helmet, chest and similarly mounted cameras are permitted if they do not compromise the rider’s safety or mandatory safety equipment in any way (i.e. mounts must not be drilled into helmets). The use of such devices is ultimately at the discretion of the PCP.
  • Riders are not permitted to wear headphones or other similar music/ communication devices during practice and competition.

Cross Country and Related Events Clothing Requirements

SCF strongly recommends the use of the following protective equipment;

  • Sunglasses/protective eyewear
  • Full-fingered gloves.


OCBC Cycle Singapore National MTB / AM / CX Championships - Participant List

Your details will take a few days to be listed from your order as the list shown here is from the timing system and must be cleaned and imported