OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2018 – Road
OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2018 – Road
OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2018 – Road
OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2018 – Road
OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2018 – Road

OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2018 – Road

Road Race


08 Jul 2018
An exciting road nationals with hills and distances that will test...

OCBC Cycle National Road Championships 2018 – Road

Road Race


08 Jul 2018
An exciting road nationals with hills and distances that will test the limits fitness, teamwork and tenacity.




The Nongsa Circuit is 12km of rolling and challenging hills set in a quiet and picturesque area. It provides the perfect backdrop for great road racing.

8 July 2018



On 8 July, Cycosports has chartered ferries to take riders from Tanah Merah to the island of Batam, whereupon disembarking, they will be fast-tracked through customs and ready to join their respective pelotons for the race ahead.

From Batam Centre, each peloton will depart under police escort, equipped with commissaries, support vehicles and medical units.

Each peloton will be neutralized for the first 10km to allow everyone to settle into the day of racing ahead, after which the pace will increase. At 22km the pelotons will enter the Nongsa circuit, a 12km loop that is both picturesque and yet demanding with enough elevation to test even the strongest legs.

The pelotons will race the circuit based on the prescribed number of laps finishing just before the Tering Bay Resort. Riders will be supported with neutral wheels as well as a static feed zone available on one of the climbs.

After the finish, riders can head to Tering Bay where they have the options of showers and leg massages. Lunch is included in the entry fee. Tering Bay will play host to the prize giving while your bikes are loaded onto trucks and taken back to the awaiting ferries.

After prize giving and sufficient refreshments, riders can enjoy the bus ride back to the ferry terminal, at which stage passports will be returned and riders can depart on our chartered ferries.

It’s an exciting and busy day but one that Cycosports has done many times before with previous Nongsa and Barelang races.


Û Before % The Race Ü After µ Extras
Race Briefing þ
Police Escort þ
Live Results Posted þ
Ferry Ticket þ
Race Marshals þ
Lunch þ
Fast Track Immigration þ
Water Support þ
Prize Giving þ
Beer & Soft Drinks
Water / Bananas þ
Wheel Support þ
Bus Transport  
Active Timing þ
Return Ferry

The Route

The race will start from Batam Centre with the first 10km neutralized, followed by 12km of racing before entering the Nongsa Circuit.


The Nongsa Circuit is a 12km loop on quiet roads that will be partially closed for the event (one way controlled traffic).


Each Peloton will also be escorted by local police and the entourage of peloton support vehicles.


The Feed Station will be located on the first major hill after the Turi Beach turn.


The Feed Station area will be divided into a  Team Feeding Area and Neutralised Feeding (Top of the Hill).


The finish for each lap will be approximately 100m before the turn into Tering Bay.


Proposed Road Distances (To be Confirmed)










Junior B (13-16 yrs)* 60 3   60 3  
Junior A (17-18 yrs)* 84 5        
Under 23 (19-22 yrs) 120 8   96 6 Yes
Open (23 yrs +) 132 9   96 6 Yes
Masters (35-44 yrs) 108 7   84 5  
Super Masters (45 - 54yrs) 108 7   84 5  
Veterans (55 yrs+) 96 6   74 4  

* All riders under the age of 18 will be required to complete a parental consent form.



Nongsa Example 7 Laps


The Schedule

The final schedule will be posted once numbers can be estimated.


Please expect an earlier start reporting to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal around 5:30 to 6:00am. You will be home in time for dinner around 6:30pm



Û Before % The Race Ü After µ Extras
Race Briefing þ
Police Escort þ
Live Results Posted þ
Ferry Ticket þ
Race Marshals þ
Lunch þ
Fast Track Immigration þ
Water Support þ
Prize Giving þ
Beer & Soft Drinks
Water / Bananas þ
Wheel Support þ
Bus Transport  
Active Timing þ
Return Ferry
Getting There

Departure Terminal - Tanah Merah



Departure will be from Tanah Merah Front Ferry Terminal at 7.15am Singapore time, arrival at Batam Centre around 7.00am - 7:15am (Indonesian Time)


Included in the price for your ferry ticket is all bike handling and land transfer from lunch to the ferry after the race for you and your bike.

Please ensure your passport has at least 6 months validity. Please note that almost all countries are now VISA FREE for Indonesia.



Preparing Your Bike for Travel


Bikes and Blankets

Your bike will be treated with the utmost care, however, any transit damages will not be the responsibility of Cycosports.


We encourage riders to protect their bike (mainly frame/paint) with a bike wrap, bubble wrap or event old aircon tubes.* On top of this, Cycosports will utilise blankets between the bikes to reduce any potential transit damage. Bikes will also be loaded and unloaded by cyclists (who care about your bicycle).


If you ware bringing wraps for your bike, please bring a bag to put them all in as they will need to go on the bag truck for you to collect after the race.


Please do not bring your bike in a BikeBag as there is not the room to store the bag between the race.



Singapore customs is very strict about bags and bottles and they will be confiscated if left on COMING BACK INTO SINGAPORE.





Lunch and Prize Giving

Relax and unwind after your race. It's a great time to catch up with your teammates and fellow cyclists.








Tering Bay


After your race, each Peloton will proceed to Tering Bay Golf Club where you can park your bike in the racks and prepare it for return via the Trucks to the Ferry Terminal.


There are showers and lockers available with a towel (50,000RP)*


Leg massages will also be available for 15-minute sessions (100,000RP)*


Lunch is an Indonesian Buffet and included as part of your race entry. You can also relax with a beer at very reasonable prices (Payable in Indonesia RP)


Prize giving maybe staggered, depending on when Pelotons come in and timing of buses for departure back to the terminal.

*All payments in Indonesia must be made in Indonesian Rupiah. Please ensure you have local currency.


Feed Zone


The Feed Zone and the Soigneur

Feed ZoneThe Nongsa event will feature a “Feed Zone”, a dedicated section of the circuit where team & neutral Cycosports soigneurs will be distributing water and nutrition to the riders as they come through each lap.


What’s a Soigneur?

soigneur (swʌnˈjə) / noun / Definition in English: In cycling, a person who gives training, massage, and other assistance to a team, especially during a race.
It’s a French word that basically means the team’s support person and in the context of Nongsa, will be the team’s feed zone representative delivering water and nutrition to team members.

There will also be neutral support provided by Cycosports, but if you want personalised service with your own special electrolytes, bars and gels, then having your own team soigneur makes sense.


The Feed Zone Setup

The feed zone will be in two parts – the lower section for teams and the upper section for Cycosports neutral support. Please space yourself evenly within the zone. You can use both sides of the road however those on the outer roadside must exercise more caution as there are still vehicles.


No Feed Bags (Musettes)

While grand tours use them, the length of the Nongsa race does not warrant feed bags. They also pose a danger to inexperienced riders who can easily get them caught.


Before The Race, Plan With Your Team

  • What bottles, drinks (water, energy drink, etc.), and food should be put in a cooler or other container for quick and easy transport and access
  • Where the soigneur will stand (right/left side of road, and beginning/middle/end of feed zone), and where on the course the feed zone is located
  • What the soigneur will be wearing (clothing colour, hat, etc.) so they can easily be spotted
  • Which lap(s) you plan to get a feed
  • What items you will get (energy drink vs. water) on which laps


Soigneur Skills for Handing Out BottlesWater Bottle Hold

  • Get close to the riders—usually this will be uncomfortably close for people new to feeding—but obviously don’t get into the road, which is dangerous for you and the riders
  • Hold the bottle correctly!!! Refer to the image shown here. 
  • Hold your arm straight out—this will be the right height for the rider and you won’t have to get quite so close
  • Let the rider absorb the impact of grabbing the bottle—don’t try to run along or move the bottle in the rider’s direction to lessen the impact. 
  • Pick up dropped bottles after completing the feed
  • New soigneurs should only try to feed one rider, two max. With more experience for rider and soigneur, it’s possible to feed more riders but still tricky.


Rider Skills and Tips for Getting a Feed

  • Toss off extra bottles after the feed zone—this way if you have a half-empty bottle you can keep it in case you miss your feed
  • Aim to grab the bottle at the neck with your thumb and forefinger, and the rest of your hand wrapping around the length of the bottle
  • Anticipate the difference in speed of the stationary bottle and let your arm absorb some of the speed difference—don’t try to grab the bottle with an iron hand and arm
  • Let dropped bottles go—don’t look back after them as you’re only likely to cause a crash



  • Feeding is a learned skill, so practice it!
  • Plan feeds earlier than needed in a circuit race so you can always have full bottles with you, even if you miss a feed one lap.
  • Writing your name (and team name) on bottles helps you get them back, but expect (and plan accordingly) to lose some.


Practice With Your Team

  • Find a quiet street/road with an uphill—as does the Nongsa Feed Zone
  • Practice with the soigneur on either side of the road. Ideally, soigneurs should position themselves on the left side for safety.
  • If necessary, before reaching the feed zone the rider moves any empty or near empty bottles to make room for a new bottle
  • Rider approaches following a straight line near the white line
  • Rider maintains a line through the feed zone—do not swerve in toward the soigneur to get the feed as this creates more chaos for riders and feeders alike; the soigneur should adjust their road-side position to be at the appropriate distance
  • Soigneur holds bottle straight out at arm’s length grasping the bottle from the top (bottle dangling down)
  • Rider puts the hand out in bottle grabbing position (about 18“ in front of the shoulder at shoulder height with hand open) signalling they will take the bottle and helping the rider and soigneur home in for the feed
  • Rider holds a line and keeps eyes on the bottle as taking feed to properly catch bottle. I recommend wrapping the bottle into your chest to hold it securely (sort of like it was a football) and making sure you still have a safe line through the feed zone.


During a race

  • Stay to the left if you are not feeding—this will make life better and safer for everyone
  • Expect the feed zone to be a bit chaotic during a race, but focus on getting into position (or out of the way) before entering the feed zone, and holding your line through the entire feed zone.
  • Rider and soigneur should communicate with each other each lap through the feed zone—confirm the schedule (as it was planned) or make changes as necessary

Special Room Rates Available at Turi Beach Hotel

Please note that Hotel Stays are completely optional.

Nongsa Room Promotion

Please Contact Turi Beach Quoting OCBC Cycle Singapore National Road Championships

Room Type

(Sunday – Friday)


Tirta Premier / Riani Deluxe

 IDR 890,000 nett/room/night 

IDR 1,350,000 nett/room/night


The Above Rate is inclusive of:

  • o Daily Buffet Breakfast for 2 pax at Taming Sari Restaurant

  • o Welcome Drink upon arrival

  • o Mineral bottled water in the room

  • o Coffee and tea sachet in the room

  • o Free Wi-Fi access at Lobby area

  • o 21% prevailing Government Tax and Service Charge

Transfers to the start of the race at Batam Centre for 4 are available at RP150,000 net per car (one way). 

About Turi Beach Resort

Turi Beach HotelSet amid 7.7 hectares of beautiful green landscaping in a tranquil tropical village, Turi Beach Resort features Modern - Minimalist accommodation in Tirta wing and Riau – Balinese in Riani wing.

All 140 rooms and suites are facing the sea being well spread over the beach front and the hillside.

Turi Beach Resort is an idyllic family retreat in the tropical Riau Islands amidst the unspoilt beauty and fine beaches. Why not bring the whole family over to enjoy the weekend and experience the hospitality of Turi Beach and get the chance to support you in your racing endeavours.



Frequently Asked Questions


Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're most welcome to drop us a question here.


Q. What does the $75 race fee cover?

A. Through the support of sponsors, we can offer a race fee of $75 that covers the race, lunch and bus transport back to the ferry. It does not cover the ferry and terminal bike handling fee, truck fees, showers/towel, leg massage or beer and soft drinks.


Q. What’s the fee cover for the Cycosports Chartered Ferry?

A. $35 (covers the ferry, terminal bike handling, truck transport of your bicycle after the race)


Q. So it's $110 for everything? How come Cycosports races are normally double this?

A. Yes, this is a great price and made possible by subsidies and sponsorship.


Q. If I take my own ferries who is responsible for getting me to the start line?

A. You are responsible to get to the start line if you opt to take your own ferry transport.


Q: Can friends / parents come to provide race support?

A: Yes, they can. We will bus them to the feed zone area where they can support the race. After the racing (periodically) they will be picked up and taken to Tering Bay where they can also enjoy lunch and prize giving. The fee for a support team is member is $25 (Lunch and Bus) + $35 (Return Ferry).


Q. Can I get the 10% OCBC Credit Card Discount for this Race?

A: Yes, but only for the Race Entry Fee of $65.


Q. Where do I pick up my Race Pack?

A. Racepacks will be picked up on the morning at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal


Q. What’s in my Race Pack?

A. Timing Chip, Bib, Seatpost Sticker and Ferry Tickets x 2. Bag Tag (for your clothing bag) and Passport Sticker (stick to the front of your passport)


Q. Is there a Race Briefing?

A. There will be a pdf race briefing and a simple powerpoint video race briefing published the week before the event.


Q: Do I need an SCF or UCI license for this race?

A: Yes, for the ITT the categories available need either a SCF or UCI license. You can, during registration, purchase a “day license” at $15 which also gives you Insurance for the event. However, this option is subjected to a minimum of 30 day-license sign-ups for an event. If there are insufficient numbers, registrants who opted for the day license will be notified to buy an annual SCF license instead. Participants are strongly encouraged to purchase the annual SCF license.


Q. Do I need race Insurance?

A. Yes, you can purchase insurance as part of your annual license or with the day license. The SCF insurance is valid for the race in Batam. You also have the option of sourcing your own external insurance plan. The insurance coverage comparison between an annual license and a day license is found on the www.cycling.org.sg. Website. 


Q: Does my bike, equipment and clothing need to be UCI legal for the event?

A. Yes as this event is under UCI rules.


Q: What type of bike can I use?

A. For the race categories, we follow the UCI standard for road race bikes. Disc-brake wheels are allowed however there is no race support for these. Note: Your bike should weigh 6.8kg or more.


Q: Are there any "number limits" on my race team?

A. No, as this is an individual road race, individuals are participating as individuals and not as a team.


Q. Are there limits to the number of people who can enter?

A. Yes, as there are limits on the ferry numbers and peloton sizes – we suggest signing up early to avoid disappointment.


Q. I'm under 18 and racing a Junior A or B category. Do I need a parent to come?

A. We do need a parental consent form completed. It would be great if a parent does want to come, however, we do have a responsible team too look after the younger riders throughout the trip and ensure they are well taken care of.


Q. What is the Refund Policy on Your Events?

A. Please see our refund policy here


Q. What if there is Haze?

A. In the event of Haze or other weather conditions that could cause cancellation, please see our policy.


The Trip Over

Q. Which Terminal will we be departing from?

A. Tanah Merah at around 7:00am to 7:15am


Q. Do I need to pay a Bike Handling Fee?

A. Yes $10 (which can be prepaid as part of your online order)


Q. How do I prepare my bike for the ferry?

A. You can put a protective wrap on your bike (available from most bike shops). Cycosports will also place a blanket between the bikes. Please note that while every care will be taken, Cycosports will not be responsible/liable for any damages to the bicycles.


Q. What Happens When We Arrive at Batam Centre?

A. Each participant will be handed a bike (not your own) and will take it through customs, passing their passport to the Immigration Official. Your passport will be processed during the day and returned on leaving. Once through customs you can take the bike to the holding area and deposit it into the correct stand.



Q. What happens to my bag with my change of clothese etc?

A. It goes onto the Bag Truck at Batam Centre (Place your bag tag on it). You can collect it again at Tering Bay after the race. 


Q. Can I take the Cycosports Ferry Over and return earlier on my own ferry?

A. No, due to logistics of managing bikes you can’t for this race. 


The Race

Q. What is the breakdown of distances and peloton groupings?

A. This will be updated shortly once we have a gauge of numbers who are coming.


Q: Will there be motorbike support for water?

A. Yes for the race - drop to the back of the peloton, give your empty bottle to the rider in exchange for a full bottle. We will also have roaming bikes cover the circuit and a static drink stop on the hill. There will be drop zones for your empty bidons.


Q: Will there be medical support?

A. Yes, we have both local and Singapore medical teams but cyclist are responsible for their own medical insurance in the case of serious injuries.


Q: How Many Laps Will We Do?

A. This will be communicated before the race. It is the individual’s responsibility to keep count of their laps, however, we will give you are overall race distance so that you are aware of your last lap.



Post Race

Q: Are their Wash Facilities

A: Yes – Tering Bay is allowing riders use of their Golf Facilities so that you can shower and change. Fresh towels are provided as part of the 50,000RP fee for the shower facilities if you desire to use these.


Q: I hear there are massages available?

A: Don’t get too excited – they are 15 Minute leg massages for 100,000RP. You can relax while sipping a drink or beer and have your tired legs tendered to.


Q. Is there Beer?

A. Yes Providing you are over 18 and the price is reasonable (All payments are in Indonesian Rupiah)


Q. What's provided in the lunch?

A: A tasty/hearty buffet lunch and as much Indonesian chilli as you want.


Q. While I am enjoying lunch and prize giving, what’s happening to my beloved bike that just helped me secure victory?

A. We are loading it on trucks (with blankets between) and sending it to the ferry for loading.


After Lunch and Prize Giving

Q. Once everything is over how do we get back to the Ferry?

A. We have buses to take everyone back to Batam Centre


Q. When do I get my passport?

A. Passports will be distributed (according to bib numbers) at the Ferry Terminal


Q. What Time will we get back to Tanah Merah?

A. Before Dinner / Approximately 6:30pm 


Q. Any Issues Clearing Singapore Customs?

A. Yes, Singapore Customs is particular about saddle bags and bidons. Please ensure you carry these yourself otherwise they will be confiscated by Customs.

Singapore Cycling Federation Technical Guidelines


The following document details the specific technical guidelines for this event. If there is not clarity on a particular subject, riders should contact SCF who will then refer to the UCI documentation.




OCBC Cycle Singapore National Road Championships - Participant List

Your details will take a few days to be listed from your order as the list shown here is from the timing system and must be cleaned and imported


SPONSORS & PARTNERS              









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