Share the Road


Share the Road Logoo

“Our roads are for everyone, whether you're crossing them, exercising,

commuting or travelling home to your loved ones.

Taking a moment to look out for everyone may just save the life of a person in our community,

a person loved by their family, a person just like you.”


The Share the Road initiative was started at the beginning of 2017 by a group of passionate cyclists who wanted to make a difference and initiate positive change on Singapore roads, especially when it comes to cyclists safety.

Share the Road is more than a slogan, it's a new mindset that we need to ingrain withing the community and future generations. By taking the lead, cyclists can be the change leaders to stop the "us vs them" attitude that so often prevails on the roads. Share the Road has three key initiative areas:


1. Awareness

In the past the cycling community has been the driver of some great initiatives to build public awareness. One such campaign was the 1.5m matters which saw some great awareness built in the community with terrific posters that were shown at bus stops around Singapore's cycling routes.

Previous Awareness Campaigns 

Now in 2017 Share the Road is coming out with an awesome campaign that is more encompassing to all road users, highlighting that the roads have many different users operating many different vehicles, including those on their feet.

Barbarians Jersey

While campaigns will target the wider community, Share the Road is also reaching out to cycling groups, the weekend warriors who ply the streets every week, building awareness of the need to share the roads and be safe cyclists at all times. Share the Road is encouraging cycling groups to include the Share the Road logo on their new kits, not only promoting the effort but also highlighting that clubs wearing the logo do abide by all road rules and practice safe cycling at all times. By wearing the badge, The idea for cyclists is to pledge:

     We are the cyclists of Singapore
     We obey the laws of the road
     We respect fellow road users
     We all want to arrive home safely
     We share the road

In keeping with the initiative, the Share the Road team will be coming up with education materials for cycling clubs. 

Any cycling groups, interested in adding the Share the Road logo to their latest cycling kit, should contact the Share the Road team for the files.



2. Education

Share the Road Video Production

Video Series

Share the Road is aiming to develop a series of training videos outlining to “weekend warriors” the safest ways to ride as a group and individually.Video participants will be from a cross section of volunteers from Singapore cycling groups. The videos will also focus on commuter cyclists who face similar situations on the roads. Emphasis will be on safety and “standardization” across cycling groups so that any individual can ride in any cycling group in Singapore and know they are safe and supported.

With the kind assistance and support of LTA, the first three videos have already been shot and are now in production. 

Training Sessions

An initiative across the clubs to provide a 2 hour “practical” course where “weekend warriors” are taught both skills and awareness initiatives that could potentially save their life. The program will be lead by volunteers from local cycling clubs (twice monthly on Sundays). Emphasis will be on safety and “standardization” across cycling groups/clubs.

The training programme is in development. Share the Road is still looking for a suitable long-term location to run such sessions. 


3. Prevention

Share the Road Prevention

The Share the Road initiative aims to work with government groups to better understand where safety on the roads can be improved, especially for cyclists.  Over time Share the Road aims to build a database of statistics to help highlight problem areas where further awareness and education are needed, as well as problem locations where infrastructure can be improved.

The long-term aim is to build a database of incidents and accidents that help to highlight troubling areas and address these with actionable activities.

As our roads become busier, it's also important that cyclists are not only protected by good infrastructure and education, but also by the law. Share the Road aims to work to ensure cyclists not only have a defined set of laws and road rules that are common sense, but are also protected as much as possible.