Swiss, Premium, Performance Cycling

BMC is Swiss, very Swiss. But what does that mean?

This small Alpine European country bordered by no less than 5 others, has been crafted by the mountains. Mountains have influenced the birth of its independence and the evolution of its people and culture, to create a highly diverse yet very diplomatic landscape. Mountains are unavoidable in Switzerland, and for a bicycle manufacturer like BMC they provide the canvas for our dreams. They challenge us with their terrain, providing the perfect playground to inspire innovation.

We don’t see our mountains as barriers but as hurdles, and we search daily for the best ways to overcome them – with pride, precision and quality engineering.

pre•mi•um \ prē-mē-əm \

'A high value or a value in excess of that normally or usually expected’ this is exactly what BMC strives to deliver. We invest heavily in research and development and the constant evolution of our own engineering techniques and technology to deliver premium products.

Differentiated by Quality

To achieve an excessive value in terms of quality, design, specifications and the level of production we keep a lot of what we do absolute top secret. The entire production process, from the inception of a new bike, through to its design, prototyping, testing, iterating and all the way to the final product, happens in our Impec Advanced R&D lab in Grenchen, Switzerland. This commitment to controlling the process ensures that just like our bikes, we have a competitive, high-performance edge over our competition.

Designed by Bike Geeks, Built by Machines, 
Pushed to the limits by the World’s Fastest Athletes

The devil hides himself in the details; for an athlete at the very pinnacle of his sport, there are very few things that can impact their performance. Technology, in terms of equipment, is undoubtedly the biggest differentiating factor and greater than the margins of physiological improvement. At BMC, we have been listening to and observing riders for years – whether professional or recreational. Cadel Evans, Taylor Phinney, Thor Hushovd, Ralf Näf, Julien Absalon, Corrine Abraham - we have used the world’s top athletes over the years to test our bikes. They are an intrinsic step in the research, development and production process, riding our prototypes and giving us feedback as we go along.

The History 

BMC was born in Switzerland in 1994 and raised surrounded by the watch-making industry of Grenchen, Canton Solothurn. The relationship to performance cycling began when BMC began supplying the Swiss professional road racing team Phonak whose then patron was Andy Rihs, owner of international hearing company of the same name. Andy Rihs took over BMC in 2000 with the vision of building a carbon production facility to produce the ‘Porsche of race bikes’, and so he did. This factory has changed how the company approaches bike manufacturing and it has evolved into the Impec Advanced R&D Lab. Precision engineering and an innovative approach to research and development are BMC’s pride and no other cycling manufacturer has so many tools at its disposal under one roof. 

BMC is the premium, Swiss, cycling performance manufacturer. Established in 1994, the company employs up to 200 people worldwide. It is headquartered in Grenchen, Switzerland where it also has its very own carbon production and R&D facility the Impec Advanced R&D Lab. BMC’s bikes are ridden by the world’s top athletes including Tour de France winner 2011 Cadel Evans and the 2014 World XCO champion - Julien Absalon.