Jungle Cross IV
Jungle Cross IV
Jungle Cross IV
Jungle Cross IV
Jungle Cross IV


Jungle Cross

Cycosports and Centaurs have come together to create a 2016 Jungle Cross series, that will allow individuals to race in various MTB categories as well as a separate Cyclocross and Fatbike race category that will utilise a greater component of the top fields.

5 Races

The series will consist of 5 races that will run throughout the year on dates that do not clash with other major road or mtb cycling events. The proposed dates are:

  • 31 Jan - Completed
  • 24 Apr - Completed
  • 14 August - Completed
  • 18 Sept - Confirmed
  • 27 Nov - Confirmed


Note:  Dates may change due to clashes or poor weather conditions (haze).  Each race will be confirmed and open for registration one month before. Please do let us know if there is a potential clash in the calendar.


6 Categories

The race categories will be:

1)       MTB Open – 7 Laps

2)       MTB Masters (over 40) – 6 Laps

3)       MTB Sport – 5 Laps

4)       MTB Ladies (run at the same time as MTB Sport) – 5 Laps

5)       Cycloscross Open – 4 Laps (plus greater use of top field)

6)       Fatbike / Enduro Open - 4 Laps  (Hub size min 170mm & Tyre min 3.8 Enduro Fork min 140mm. Double crown forks are allowed. Fatbikes will have a 4 min handicap headstart.


More Sponsors / More Fun

In 2016 we aim to build on the momentum of the first race with even more peripheral activities including:

Jungle Cross 2016

1)      Red Bull Tent and Promotions

2)      Pure Tent

3)      Food / Coffee etc

4)      Bike Sponsor / Dealer Tents

5)      Kids Races and Fun Events


End of Year Winners

Individual medals for the top THREE (3) for each category will be presented at the end of each indivdiual race.

Winners Trophies will be presented at the last race based on the accumulated points of an individual’s top FOUR (4) races. This means people can miss a race if a date clashes.

Each race will have points with the following scale:





























The Jungle Cross Course

Jungle Cross Course


The course is approximately 2km in length with a number of challenging sections, including steep climbs and descents.


There are many areas for overtaking yet the course remains tight and technical.


The course starts at Centaurs Car Park 2, under the Start / Finish gate, then heads onto the Mini sports fields to stretch the field out before entering the Jungle Trail proper.


Once within the Jungle Cross Trail, you'll find many challenging sections that will test your riding skills and endurance.


Please Note - Private Property

It is the Centaurs Group's aim to open up the Jungle Trail on a regular basis for competitions, training and corporate events.


However please note the Jungle Trail is private property and can only be accessed by paid entrants or with the permission of Centaurs Group. Your safety is always of paramount importance, which is why the Jungle Trail is only open under managed events which will include trained medical staff on hand during the events.



Morning Schedule

TimeCategoryDurationEntry FeeMax Entries
 7:15  Registration Opens (Collection of Numbers & Chips)      
 7:30  Course Safety Check / Next Race Preview      
7:50  Elite Open Category - Age 18+   7 Laps $48:00   30
8:50  Course Safety Check / Next Race Preview      
9:00  Masters Category - Age 40+  6 Laps  $42:00  30
9:15        Prize Giving - Elite      
9:50 Course Safety Check / Next Race Preview      
10:00  Sport & Womens - Age 13+  5 Laps  $38:00  30
10:15        Prize Giving - Competition
10:50  Course Safety Check / Next Race Preview      
11:00  Cyclocross Open  4 Laps  $42:00 40 
11:00  Kid's Skills Course (1hr - Top Paddock Middle) Click Here   $15:00 40 
11:30        Prize Giving - Sport      
11:01  FatBike / Enduro Open *  4 Laps  $38:00 40 
12:00  Kid's Race - Kids Course
12:00        Prize Giving - Cyclocross & FatBike
12:30 Competition Complete       

* If the Fatbike / Enduro category is large enough it will have a separate race from Cyclocross and start at approximately 11:40am



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I come test ride the track anytime?

A: No - The Centaurs Jungle Trail is private property managed by Centaurs Group. Together with Cycosports and other relevant groups, the safety of riders is never compromised, by providing professionally managed events and races that have the rider's safety at the forefront.


Q: What type of bike can I use?

A: For the Open, Masters and Sport categories you should ideally use a Mountain bike or Fat bike. The Cyclo-cross event is for cyclo-cross bikes.


Q: Is there a category for ladies?

A: Yes we have a new category for ladies. The race will be held at the same time as the Sport race, but with seperate prizes for the ladies.


Q: Can I register on the day?

A: It's better to register online and secure your place as a category may have sold out by race day. Also we will be charging $10 more for race day entries. You are always welcome to come down and try your luck as someone may "no show" and hence a place or two may come available.


Q: Why is their an age limit for some categories?

A: These races are considered pretty serious so you have to be a fairly experienced rider to join. If you are under 18 and have a good race history, we can consider you, providing you also have parental conscent.


Q: Do I need medical insurance to race?

A: Technically "no" but we do encourage you to utilsie our NTUC one day medical insurance at just $12 if you do not have any existing medical insurance.


Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No but you can transfer it to a friend for a small admin fee of $10


Q: Can I change my race category later?

A: Only if places are available. It's probably easiest to check on the day.


Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and an ambulance on standby.


Q: What if I Swap Race Categories?

A: You can however your points will not be counted from your previous category.


Q: What if I can’t make all the races?

A: That’s ok – just compete in the races you can make and who knows you may still have enough points.


Q: Are the end of the year who get a Trophy?

A: We will have trophies for the top 5 in each category and medals for the 6 through to 10.


Q: Are you planning on having a winner’s Jersey for each Category?

A: Yes – and if you win, we would like you to wear it in the next race.


Q: Are you doing a team prize?

A: At this stage no, but if a sponsor comes along, we may do.


Q: I have some ideas on how to improve the course – who should I tell?

A: If you would like to get involved and help develop the course (and use a shovel) please tell us.



Check Out The Course