OCBC Cycle Car Park Climb
OCBC Cycle Car Park Climb
OCBC Cycle Car Park Climb
OCBC Cycle Car Park Climb

OCBC Cycle Car Park Climb


07 Aug 2016
A new paradigm of racing enters the Singapore CBD. Testing their skills and climbing ability in the iconic OCBC Centre car park, right in th...

OCBC Cycle Car Park Climb


07 Aug 2016
A new paradigm of racing enters the Singapore CBD. Testing their skills and climbing ability in the iconic OCBC Centre car park, right in the heart of the Singapore. The course climbs nine floors from the basement, before finishing to the roof of the car park. Riders will test their skills riding against the clock, time trial style. The Men's Open race will feature a top 10 after the initial heats.

As the event is on private property, all attendees must be registered. Those wishing to watch only need to register for the FREE spectators ticket.

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED - Spectators can still register for free on the day of the event.

OCBC Cycle is proud to be supporting this event by providing the OCBC carpark. The carpark will be closed especially for the race.



OCBC, SCF, Bikebug  and Cycosports are coming together to bring you an exciting new event based on a concept that has been tried and tested in other capital cities. The OCBC Cycle Car Park Climb, powered by Bikebug is aimed at the club racer who wants to try something different and experience the thrill of a tight circuit time trial up 6 floors of a secure car park.

9 Race Categories

The event will be held with the follow categories to choose from:

  Age Entry 1st Prize Entrants

Singapore Cycling Federation

This event is proudly supported by the Singapore Cycling Federation.


 Alt Piza

Free Alt Pizza Voucher with Every Race Entry

Men's Juniors  17-18 $25 $50 25
Men's Sport  19-34 $25 $50 25
Men's Masters  35-45 $25 $100 25
Men's Super Masters 45+ $25 $50 25
Men's Open  19+ $40 $200 40
Women's Sport 16+ $25 $50 25
Women's Open 19+ $25 $100 10
MTB Open 15+ $25 $100 25
Fixie Open 15+ $25 $100 25

Are you Under 17?

 * For Women's Sport and Juniors, we will accept riders below the minimum age providing we have parental consent. All riders below 17 years of age are required to complete a parental consent form that can be submuitted on the day of the event. Parental Consent Form


Race Format

The OCBC Cycle Car Park Climb, powered by Bikebug is essentially a two-up time trial. You'll be racing against the clock, but have a fellow cyclists to also spur you on to a better time. Two up racing gives the spectators at the start and finish something additional to cheer for. 

Once "launched" riders will race as hard as they can to the top of the car park, cheered on by spectators at each level. At the top of the carpark the finish gate will record their time and placing in real time.


Race a Mate

You can challenge a mate for just $20 (which will go to a charity). That's just $10 each - and you can really see who is the best hill climber. We can match you up even if you are in different categories.


Open Finals - Top 10

For those who entered the open category and come in the top 10 positions, we have a final round. Each finalist will be pitted against their next rival in a two up contest that promises to be fast and furious. The placings of the open category are based on the times of the final round only.



The Car Park Course

map of event

Holding Area

The holding area is on the ground floor (actually the exit). Cyclists are asked to be at the holding area at least 15 minutes before the start of their scheduled category. Each cyclists that is registered will recieve a timing chip at the holding area. The chip will be placed on the front fork by the Cycosports team. Cyclists will be called to the start in groups of 10.


The Start

The start is in B1, where the marshalls will do a final bike check and prepare each rider for their start. Riders will be held (unless they request not to be) by a Marshall and given a 5 second countdown to their indvidual start. 


The Route

The riders will race in counter-clockwise route up each floor untill the hit the top (open air) level whether the finish gate will be. 


The Finish

The Finish is located on the top open air floor of thr car park. A finish gate will record the time which will be posted to a live TV  screen, ranking each rider according to their category.

Bike stands will be available at the top level so that cyclists can leave their bikes and cheer on ther riders.


Race Route



Please Note - Private Property

As this event is being conducted on private property, Cycosports is accountable for all individuals, whether racing or supporting. For this reason individuals supporting their family and friends must also officially register for the event. There is no charge for supporters and you may also register on the day (but priority and best locations will be given those who pre-register)


Morning Schedule

Sunday 7 August 

Please note the schedule is indicative only. Once initial numbers are in, we can refine the schedule and start times for each category.

TimeCategoryDurationEntry FeeMax Entries
 6:30 Registration Opens (Collection of Numbers & Chips)      
 6:45 Course Safety Check      
7:00 Men's Juniors - Age 17-18*   $25:00  20
  Men's Sport - Age 19-34
  $25:00  30
  Men's Supermasters - Age 45+   $25:00  30
  Men's Masters - Age 35 - 45   $25:00  30
  Men's Open - Age 19+  (Round 1)   $40.00  40
  Women's Sport - Age 16+   $25:00   20
  Women's Open - Age 19+   $25:00  10
  Fixie Open - Age 15+   $25:00  30
  MTB Open - Age 15+   $25:00  25
  Men's Open - Top 10 Finals      
10:30 Course Closed To Racing      
11:00 Prize Giving (Location - TBA)      

  * For Women's Sport and Juniors, we will accept riders below the minimum age providing we have parental consent. All riders below 17 years of age are required to complete a parental consent form that can be submuitted on the day of the event. Parental Consent Form


Prize Giving

Once the open category has finished, we will proceed to Boomarang for a short prize giving. Boomarang is located just around the corner at 57 Circular Road and is open from 7am on Sunday's so a great option for an expresso before your race or a Latte after while recovering.

We do encourage all cyclists and spectators to join us at the prize giving. It's a time to say thank you to the sponsors, congrats to the winners and to catch up with old and new friends. By building a stronger cycling community we hope that we can listen to your ideas and bring new and diverse events to the Singapore cycling community.

Boomarang Prize Giving


Frequently Asked Questions

Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer your most welcome to drop us a question here.


Q: Why are you making spectators register?

A: As this is private property and the carpark is closed specifically for us, we need to register all spectators. There is no charge for spectators. We encourage you to register before the event, but you may do so on the day itself but riders will be top priority in the registration process. All spectators and riders will be given a speciial wrist band to be worn while at the event.


Q: How do I determine my age?

A: Age is determined by the present year minus the year of birth of the competitor. Example, 2016 minus 1992 is 24yrs.


Q: Can I come test ride the car park anytime?

A: No - The OCBC car park is private property. We can only open the car park for the specified race period. Rest assured all riders are on an even playing field and the safety of riders is never compromised with professionally managed events that have the rider's safety at the forefront.


Q: What time do I need to be at the event?

A: A few days before the event, we will publish a list of start times for all those who have pre-registered. We would recommend that you arrived 15-20 minutes before your group start time as you will still need to sign in and secure your timing chip.


Q: What type of bike can I use?

A: All Road Bikes. However, SCF appointed Marshalls will check individual bikes for safety compliance 15 minutes before the start and during the event  and ensure that the following are adhered to:

  1. Both handlebar plugs are in place
  2. No time trial bike or any extensions (i.e. aerobars, saddle bottles)
  3. Helmets must be worn
  4. Sleeve Jersey/Skinsuit (i.e. Sleeveless jersey NOT allowed)
  5. No gear ratio lockout required for Juniors
  6. No Disc Brake is allowed

In addition, all participants are requested to take note of the following:

  1. act in a sporting manner at all times and must not push or interfere with another cyclists by hand or by other means, displays indecent conduct or foul language or perform acts of violence.

  2. Any protest must be made within 15 minutes of the decision given rise to the claim. The SCF marshal, in consultation with the Event Director, shall then investigate and give a decision and this decision shall be irrevocable. All claims and appeals must be made in writing with a $100 non-refundable cash deposit made to the Event Organiser.

  3. In the event of a tie, it will be determined by gun time/photo finish/second round – Kent, please consider one of these.    


Q: Is there a category for ladies?

A: Yes there are two categories for ladies - open and sport. We do encourage ladies to come and try the event and feel the excitement and fun of these types of events.


Q: Can I register on the day?

A: It's better to register online and secure your place as a category may have sold out by race day. Also we will be charging $10 more for race day entries. You are always welcome to come down and try your luck as someone may "no show" and hence a place or two may come available.


Q: Why is their an age limit for some categories?

A: These races are considered pretty serious so you have to be a fairly experienced rider to join. If you are under 18 and have a good race history, we can consider you, providing you also have parental consent.


Q: Do I need a SCF  or UCI licence for this race?

A: Yes - the SCF license, inclusive of SCF membership and insurance, will cost a nominal fee. However, for those riders who already have a valid 2016 UCI or SCF Licence, you need not register for a “second” licence.


Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed and nontransferable.


Q: Can I change my race category later?

A: Only if places are available. It's probably easiest to check on the day.


Q: How can I warm up before my race?

A: The best idea is on the small streets nearby. Please take caution and also ensure you are back in time for your group's escort down to the start line.


Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team stationed at the event and an ambulance on standby.


Q: Are their winners for each Category?

A: Yes each category will have medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. There will also be a small cash prize for 1st in each category..


Q: Where will be the Prize Giving?

A: Once we have the final Open category completed, prize giving will be held at Boomrang, just around the corner at 52 Circular Rd, Singapore 049407.


Q: What if I have a bad ride  - can I try again?

A: Unfortunately no – as time is tight we need to ensure every one gets to complete their individual ride.


Q: Once I finish my ride can i come straight back down?

A: No quite. We need to marshal those coming down in blocks and ensure no one is racing up. We will notify those at the top when they can ride down. We would ask that all cyclists ride down in a sensible "non-race" speed.


Q: Are you doing a team prize?

A: No - this first event is just for individuals, however your team will be listed next to your name.



Q: I'd like to help out (volunteer) on the day - is that possible?

A: Absolutely - we always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.





Sneak Preview

Here's a sneak preview of the course