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Nongsa Challenge
Nongsa Challenge
Nongsa Challenge
Nongsa Challenge


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Cycosports is back to Nongsa, a tried and tested race route that Cycosports launched in 2014. It's sure to challenge even the fitest and is a great precurser to upcoming races in the region. This Nongsa circuit is a 12km loop with each loop having 175m of climbing.

This year we have a twist. We are using Majestic Ferries and will be leaving Singapore from Harbourfront and heading to Batam Centre. From Batam Centre the riders will leave in their respective Peloton's, maintaining a neutralized pace until out of the city. The pelotons will then head towards Nongsa and once on the Nongsa circuit, will complete the course in a clockwise direction. Category 1 and 2 will compete 7 laps and category 3 and women complete a total of 5 laps.

The race will be timed, laps counted electronically, there will be full mechanical support, water and electrolytes and Singapore medics on hand with medivac procedures in place for emergency medical cases.

The race fee including lunch is $165. The return ferry and bicycle transfer fee is $65. If you require a Visa on Arrival, the fee is $25 which includes the Visa and the express handling charge. We also have the option of purchasing NTUC race day insurance for $12.


Flight Centre Active Travel KOM

Each lap will have KOM points for the top 10 riders. Due to the course layout, Cat 3/W will have 4 KOM's Cat 1/2 will have 6 KOM's while doing the circuits. The final double point KOM for each Peloton (being #5 KOM for cat 3/W #7 KOM for Cat 1/2) will be the final 1km sprint to Turi Beach. The final Turi Beach KOM will be awarded double points and concludes the KOM calculations for the day.

Once you've recovered from the final climb, we'll direct you to the sumptuous lunch buffet where you can relax with fellow riders, have a beer and unwind. Prize giving will follow shortly after. While your relaxing your bike will be carefully loaded onto a truck and transported back to Batam Centre for loading on the return ferry.




Race Route Details

Cat 1/2  - Strava Details Here

Cat 3/W - Strava Details Here 

Batam Centre to Nongsa

The 2016 Nongsa Challenge will start from Batam Centre.


Once the pelotons are ready, each will be escorted through town under neautralised conditions.

Just after the junction of Jl Raja Ali Kelana and Jl Hang Tuah, the Cycosports team and the Police will inform each Peloton that racing has started "proper".


Caution Required


Please note that caution is required along the stretch heading north to Nongsa, especially the Jl Hang Jebat area. In all cases, riders should treat roads as open and maintain proper safety procedures including staying on the left side of the road.


Nongsa Circuit


Once you reach the Nongsa Circuit, you will turn left and proceed to complete each circuit in a "clockwise" direction.


Please always obey the road rules and be aware the circuit is still open to the public. The Police will marshall major intersections.


Nongsa Circuit

At the top of the main hill, there will be a large red flag which signifies the location of the KOM for each lap. This will also be the timing point for laps.


Once you have completed the required number of laps for your peloton, you will turn left into the Tama Nongsa Indah Village for the final 1km KOM to the finish. The final KOM is worth double points.


The Cycosports Team will highlight to the leading Peloton when they are on their last lap.



If you are not in the leading Peloton, it is your own responsibility to count your laps before turning left into the finishing KOM.

Please note revised laps


Cat 1 : 7 Laps

Cat 2: 7 Laps

Cat 3: 5 Laps

Women's: 5 Laps


Event Schedule

Singapore Time
  5.15am - ferry and race check-in opens at Harbour Front Terminal
  6.45am - ferry boarding
  7.15am - ferry departure

Batam Time
  7.00am - ferry arrival to Batam Centre terminal (riders escorted to the start area)
  8.00am - cat 1 start
  8.05am - cat 2 start
  8.10am - cat 3 and women’s start

11.00am - expected first finisher
12.30pm - race cut off

12.00pm - lunch commences

  1.30pm - prize giving

  2.15pm - buses depart to ferry terminal

  4.45pm - ferry departure to Singapore

Singapore Time

  6:45pm - ferry arrives back at Habour Front


Turi Beach Resort

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All 140 rooms and suites are facing the sea being well spread over the beach front and the hillside.

Turi Beach Resort is an idyllic family retreat in the tropical Riau Islands amidst unspoilt beauty and fine beaches. Why not bring the whole family over to enjoy the weekend and experience the hospitality of Turi Beach and get the chance to support you in your racing endeavours.

Please note that Hotel Stays are completely optional.

Flight Centre Active Travel

For details on great rates at Nongsa hotels, please visit Flight Centre Active Travel


Please Note: New Departure Terminal - Harbour Front



Departure will be from Harbour Front Ferry Terminal at 7.30am Singapore time, arrival at Batam Centre around 7.30am (Indonesian Time)


Included in the price for your ferry ticket is all bike handling and land transfer from lunch to the ferry after the race for you and your bike.


Visa on Arrival into Indonesia is required for many nationalities. To find out if you require a Visa please check here


Why is the Visa on Arrival Fee Higher than the Visa? 

Cycosports’ agents will arrange for fast track through Indonesian Immigration and will handle all Visa requirements whilst you are riding. Your passports will be returned to you along with your boarding pass after the race for your return to Singapore.


Please pre-purchase ferry tickets and Visa on Arrival during the race registration to ensure you are fast tracked through immigration and to receive Visa on Arrival handling.


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Prize Giving

Nongsa Challenge Prizes

Details of prizes will follow in due course but recognition will be awarded to:


KOM Trophies

KOM points are awarded for the top 10 in each categiry for each lap. The final climb to Turi Beach will be awarded double points. If there is a tie, the highest result in the Turi Beach climb will determine the overall KOM winner for the category.


  • Cat 1 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders

  • Cat 2 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders

  • Cat 3 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders

  • Women – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders


KOM jersey will be awarded to the overall winner of each category.


Category Winner Trophies

  • Cat 1 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders

  • Cat 2 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders

  • Cat 3 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders

  • Women – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders


Winners jersey will be awarded to the overall winner of each category.


Team Category Prizes

  • Team prize will be awarded to the top team for Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3.

  • Team prize is based upon the combined top 3 riders time per team per category.



Become a Sponsor and Give Back

If you would like to become a sponsor of any Cycosports races and provide either montery or product prizes, we would be more than happy to gain your sup


Nongsa Challenge - Pre Race


Q: Do I need to Stay Over in Batam?

A: No, the race will be completed within the day and Cycosports is providing a day trip option with chartered ferries. Turi Beach is providing special promotional rates if you would like to stay over - Please see the Accommodation Page.


Q: So is there a special rate at in Batam if I do want to stay over?

A: Yes as our partner hotel for this event, the Turi beach resort is providing a special rate for cyclists and their families and will provide transport to the start line and pick up at the finish after the ride.


Q: I understand the ferry is leaving from Harbourfront this year?

A: Yes that's correct as we are heading to Batam Centre for the start of the race.


Q: I understand the rides are limited to 140 ferry places?

A: Yes correct. This is the capacity of the ferry for the day trip. If ferry slots sell out, you can make your way to Batam on other ferries but managing your logistics will be your responsibility.


Q: Is this a UCI event?

A: No but we will follow the majority of the UCI rules. TT bars, Tri suits and rear bottle cages are not allowed. We will not be checking the weight of your bike


Q: Is there a separate women's category?

A: Due to the size of the race, women will ride along side the Cat 3 men, but will be racing for their own prizes. If we can gain significant race sponsor or an organisation who wants to become a "women's race sponsor" then there could an opportunity to provide a seperate women's peloton.


Q: Do I need a Visa?

A: Recently the number of countries that require a Visa on Arrival have changed with many more countries becoming visa free. For a list of the latest countries please see here.

Nongsa Challenge - The Race


Q: Will there be motorbike support for water?

A: Yes for the race - drop to the back of the peloton, give your empty bottle to the motorbike rider in exchange for a full bottle. We will also have roaming bikes cover the circuit and a static drinks stop.


Q: Will there be mechanic's support?

A: Yes at the start of the race a mechanic will be ready to help, then once at Nongsa, the mechanic will be stationed at the  static drink stop.


Q: Will there be medical support?

A: Yes but cyclist are responsible for their own medical insurance in the case of serious injuries.


Q: What are the categories?

A: There will be Cat 1: Open, Cat 2: Comp and Cat 3: Sport and Womens.


Q: Where will the race start?

A: Each Peloton will start from the Batam Centre and be under neutralised conditions untill highlighted by the Cycosports / Police Team.


Q: Are there Team Winners?

A: Yes the aggegated time per category, for the first 3 riders from each team.

Nongsa Challenge - Post Race


Q: What do I do with my bike on arrival at the Finish Line ?

A: Proceed to the bike station area and ready your bike for shipping. Our support team will place the bikes on lorries and load them on the return ferry. You can also pick up your bag at this point.


Q: Is there anywhere to change or shower after the race?

A: There will be very basic wash facilities for men and women at the restaurant - please bring a towel / soap etc. Alternatively bring wet wipes and a strong deodorant.


Q: What's provided in the lunch?

A: A tasty / hearty buffet lunch and as much Indonesian chilli as you want - you just need to pay for soft drinks and beer.


Q: Is there a prize giving?

A: Yes at the end of lunch, with VIP's, Photographers and Great Prizes


Q: Can I say a speech about how great the race was and thank my team mates?

A: You have to win first


Q: What time will we get back to Singapore?

A: The ferry will depart at 3:30 to 4.30pm (IND Time) so we will arrive at the terminal approximately 6:30pm (SG Time)


2014 Cycosports Nongsa Challenge