Official Name Barbarians
Year Established 2008
About The Team 

Barbarians (noun): (in ancient times) a member of a people not belonging to one of the great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Christian).


Barbarians (cycling): (in Singapore times) a member of people not belonging to one of the great racing teams (or even one of the average racing teams).


Young, lean, fit and fast. These are the attributes of the teams who wave as they pass the Barbarians, a diverse and friendly cycling group.


The club is a collection of riders who aspire to avoid hill climbs, tempo rides or interval workouts. More comfortable tackling a mountain of pasta than an actual mountain, they are in a constant battle to keep their average speed above their BMI and the on ride chat is more likely to be around coffee shops and baristas than pro-tour rankings and gear ratios.


There are rides available most days, the main club ride being a social no drop ride on a Saturday (70km-120km). This Saturday ride is then supplemented by various mid-week rides details are posted on the clubs Facebook page.


If you're interested, the best place to start is the Saturday ride which leaves Botanic Gardens main gate (Holland Road) at 6.15am on a Saturday. New members are always welcome, there are no membership fees.


Riding with the Barbarians can be as social or serious as you want to make it.


Sponsors  Llyod Marine, St James Place Wealth Management, McConnell Dowel, Physiofocus, Integrated Camp Services