Guerciotti Racing Team

In 2016, a group of 7 avid cyclists wanted to form a team to train and compete in bike races in both the local and overseas racing scene. We first started out nameless under the guidance of our coach Rahim and his wife/team manager Raslinda who would follow us in their car daily for training with a specific training plan.


We then started looking at the possibility of finding a shop to ride for and sponsor us. We managed to come across Vincent from BikeX who also had the plan of starting a racing team to promote riding and to encourage young riders to take part in both local and overseas races representing the brands his shop carries. Being the main distributor of the bike brand Guerciotti in Singapore, the team was proudly named Guerciotti Racing Team.


Currently, we are a team of 22 of riders, under the support of our Sponsor Vincent and BikeX, Coach Rahim and Team Manager Raslinda. You can spot us riding along Changi Coastal Road on weekday nights in our bright orange kit riding Guerciotti bikes, Ursus wheels and SH+ helmets. The team has achieved a couple of good performances such as our riders sweeping the top 3 places in the Tri-Factor 2016 21km race, 2nd place in the Seletar Aerospace Park Criterium 2016 Men's Sport, and also coming in 5th in Varsity Cycling Challenge Men's Open, 3rd place in Oakley Cycling Tour Malaysia 2016.