Integrated Riding Racing Team

Official Name Intergrated Riding Racing Team
Year Established 2008
About The Team 
Integrated Riding is the official distributor of Boardman Bikes, Saracen, Ridgeback, Genesis and is the main sponsor and facilitator for the team. The goal of the team is promote, support and develop talent participating in competitive cycling in and around Singapore. The Integrated Riding team consists of 20 cycling enthusiasts from all over the world, and local talented riders, who trains and races together and competes at all levels of competition in the SEA region. While the team is structured to compete, at the highest level of road cycling, and focuses on its road racing and triathlon teams, Integrated Riding also sponsors a development team to provide formal training and support structure for young, passionate and upcoming talented riders.
Sponsors  Meiban, Madison Clothing, Spiuk