TRIBU Multisport

Official Name TRIBU Multisport
Year Established 2015
About The Team 
TRIBU Multisport
is one of the newest triathlon clubs in Singapore. Started in 2015 as a group of friends from dragon boat p
addling, they have grown steadily since. All members are working professionals in Singapore and are united by their love for the sport. The team comprises amateur and recreational athletes who share a common goal: having fun while improving physical fitness, performance and endurance. Members' experience level range from beginner to intermediate.

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Vision TRIBU Multisport is a group of individuals bound together by CAMARADERIE and PASSION disciplines of sports. The group undertakes to support and inspire each member achieve goals with excellence. The group endeavors to affect change by the group's influence and capabilities to REACH OUT and CONTRIBUTE to the COMMUNITY.

- Create regular activities that include training programs and information dissemination that will help improve, motivate and develop members to become stronger,  more capable and wiser athletes.

- Be involved in competitions and activities that create awareness for the sport and the team’s goal to inspire and motivate members of the group and of the society.  

- Participate in activities that assist less fortunate communities with necessities and needs.

Adopted Charities
 Bikes For The PhilippinesBikes For The World
            Bikes For The Philippines and Bikes For The World
Supporters  J.CO Donuts