URA CFS - Share the Road Criterium May
URA CFS - Share the Road Criterium May
URA CFS - Share the Road Criterium May
URA CFS - Share the Road Criterium May
URA CFS - Share the Road Criterium May

URA CFS - one-north Criterium - April 2018


29 Apr 2018

In association with URA and JTC, we have a very special early morning criterium event at one-north. From 6:00am to 8:15am, Cycosports and ...

URA CFS - one-north Criterium - April 2018


29 Apr 2018

In association with URA and JTC, we have a very special early morning criterium event at one-north. From 6:00am to 8:15am, Cycosports and Singapore Cycling Federation will be running six races (three back to back criteriums on two separate courses). This will be followed up with prize giving (8:30am) and everyone joining in on the CFS Flag Off at the later time of 9:00am.

26 April - IMPORTANT UPDATES TO Race Briefing (PLEASE READ) can be found here

A Very Special Criterium

The April edition of the URA Car Free Sunday promises to be truly exciting with two criteriums being raced at the same time.

Comes join the action or simply volunteer or support - a great morning of racing awaits.



This is a very special event for Singapore's criterium racing scene with two concurrent criteriums being raced over two unique courses. The northern course (A) is more technical in nature and includes two long gradients both on cobbles. While not quite the iconic "hell of the north", it will provide exciting racing for all involved. The course length is 1.7km.

The second course is easier in nature and will suit the more novice riders. The course length for both courses is 1.2km, and virtually flat. Because a section of the course is now a single lane road we are restricting entries to 25-30 participants. 

With the change in routes, racing on both courses will be great for spectators but we do advise all coming down to watch to be extra careful when crossing live race circuits.

All racing will conclude by 8:15am with prize giving at the main flag off area (a short ride away at 8:30am). Of course, we would like everyone to stay on and enjoy the carnival of the Car Free Day with the official flag-off at the later time of 9:00am.


Volunteers and Sponsors

While the roads are closed during this time, there are many pedestrians around the area. Because of the large number of intersections, we will be asking for the support of the larger cycling community to assist. 

While the event is early, the streets are well lighted, so we hope the Singapore cycling community will come down and support / cheer on their fellow riders. It's only through showing that we have a vibrant and sharing cycling scene, will more opportunities come to the competitive cycling scene.



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The one-north Criterium Courses

NOTE: LIGHTS REQUIRED (non-flash mode) for all cyclists competing before 7am

Staging Area

The staging area has now moved to one north crescent (opposite Central Exchange Green). It can be accessed via North Buona Vista Drive / Bioplolis Drive. Car Parking is available at Biopolis Carpark (Car Park Entrance A). Parking at Basement 3. Cyclists can collect their bibs and timing chips (must be returned) at the staging area. The area also gives a good vantage point for watching both races entering Central Exchange Green.

The Start

The new start is at the intersection of Central Exchange Green and one north Crescent (just on the other side of the staging area).

The Finish(es)

With the new routes, there will be separate finishes for Circuit A and B. Both finishes have been selected to maximise finish width and safety. 

Circuit A will finish on the one north crescent straight (before the right turn into Central Exchange Green)

Circuit B will finish on the Fusionopolis Way straight.

Course A - Elite Age Categories

The course is technically more challenging but don't be deterred by the corners - they are all sweeping in nature. The A course does feature two inclines along cobbled areas (the closest we get to the hell of the north). The course has a distance of approximately 1.7km. Each race size will be limited to 40 participants.

Course B - Weekend Warriors, Juniors and Elite Women

The B course is more forgiving and virtually flat. The shorter 1 km course is a little tighter in nature so fields will be limited to 25-30 riders depending on the makeup of participants.  Course B now also features the cobbled area. Circuit B will finish on the Fusionopolis Way straight.

onenorth route 26 april


Morning Schedule

The racing at one-north will feature longer 40-minute races. There will be lap countdowns from 3 laps (based on time allowable rather than laps). All participants will be given a "bell" lap signifying the last lap and the sprint finish. If you are with the lead group but a lap down, please also finish on the same lap.

TimeCategoryDurationMax Entries
5:30 Race One Riders gather     
Race One Riders Briefing    

Race One Starts

Circuit A: Men's Supermasters & Veterans

Circuit B: Juniors A

 40 mins  
6:30 Race Two Riders Briefing    

Race Two Starts

Circuit A: Men's Masters

Circuit B: Men's Weekend Warrior Open*

* First time racers or never been in the top 10 in a race

40 mins
7:00 Race Three Riders Briefing    

Race Three Starts

Circuit A: Men's Open/ U23

Circuit B: Women's catgeories / Men Junior B

40 mins
8:15 Racing Completed
8:30 Prize Giving - At the URA CFS Flag Off Area (TBA)    
9:00 URA Car Free Sunday - Flag Off     



Jimmy Monkey Cafe

Jimmy MonleyMany of you will already know the Jimmy Monkey cafe as they are good friends to the cycling community and a popular stop at the end of many a road ride.

Jimmy Monkey will be supporting the event by opening early (time to be confirmed) and making great coffee. The place also has a good breakfast menu for those in need of extra fuel.


Prize Giving

Prize GivingThe prize giving will be held at 8:30am at the URA CFS Flag Off Area (TBA).

There will be top 3 podium medals for each wave in each race.

Please come and help to celebrate a great morning of racing, followed by the official URA CFS Flag off at 9:00am.  JTC and URA are very keen that the amateur cycling / racing community show their support for the official flag off. It's a great way to acknowledge the mighty efforts fo JTC / URA to provide the platform for our racing community.


Frequently Asked Questions


Please check through the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're most welcome to drop us a question here.

Q: Why for some races you are offering entry first to SCF Annual Licence Members?

A: If the race carries National Series Points or the race numbers are limited, then we first need to offer slots to those competing regularly. In some cases, slots are limited for safety, so we encourage participants to sign up early and avoid disappointment. 


Q: Can I register on the day?

A: No - You must register on the website and registration will be closing a few days before the event. Pickup of the chip / race pack will be at the event itself 30 minutes before the race starts.


Q: Do I need an SCF  or UCI licence for this race?

A: No, however, priority registration is given to licence holders for selected races. We do insist that you have adequate race insurance. Under the SCF licence / insurance scheme, there is a very good (and affordable licence insurance)


Q: Can I cancel my booking once entered?

A: No, once paid, your entry is confirmed. Cycosports has the right to transfer an entry (bib number) to another rider if the original participant is a "no-show" on the day. There will be no refund for "no shows".


Q: How can I warm up before my race?

A: Please use surrounding roads (non-circuit) and take caution and ensure you are back in time for your start time.

Q: Are Disk Brake Bikes allowed in these Races?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you have medics on hand in case of emergency?

A: Yes we have a full medical team (2 Ambulances) are stationed at the event.


Q: I'd like to help out (volunteer) on the day - is that possible?

A: Absolutely - we always need help running these events. Please drop us a message here.





What are Criteriums?

Want to know a bit more about criteriums?


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