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  • 58 year old with a replacement knee and hip ... typical kiwi who loves sport and will have a crack at nearly everything

  • ANZA Cycling
    ANZA Cycling
    New Zealand
    I ride my pace ... and come home at the same pace I started
    B6B, TdB, TdP, Chiang Mai Masters, Vietnam Mountain Bike Marathon, The Pioneer, Nongsa Challenge
    1st TdB Gran Fondo Classic 2016 6th TdB UCI age group World Qualifiers 2017 12th Cat 3 B6B 2017 ANZA A Winners Team Cat 3 B6B 2017 3rd Veterans Nongsa Challenge
    Riding a bike that was donated by Saxo Bank to a charity auction to raise money for a underprivileged 10 year old sport loving boy to have an operation to stop his leg being amputated because of bone cancer. He has had the operation.
    Always be humble.. todays rooster could be tomorrow's feather duster


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